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People take it for granted when it comes to eating and choosing food. Most of them have no awareness that by keep eating imported food, it means our food has traveled thousands of miles before it reaches our plate. Up to 25.000 tons of greenhouse gases were released into the air every year, and we wasted almost 100.000 liters fuel during the process. The domino effect caused by this is even bigger and damaging: from global warming to the massive decrease of agriculture fields. This happens because imported food is easier to find, while our local food is struggling in the battle where people have no idea where to get them.

Looking at the problem, we wanted to reduce food miles by launching a movement called EAT LOCAL and an application to support the movement. Through a partnership with AGRITEKTUR we started off by mapping local farmers, and use the data as thesolid base to create an app that will help people in changing their eating behavior. The app allows people to track their food miles, locate local farmers or markets that sell local food, locate our Eat Local vending machines in malls in Indonesia, list of restaurants that support our movement, and to get information about our Eat Local events. The movement is to empower people that by as simple as eating local food they can really help saving the world, and together with the app, that decision lays in their own hands through their smartphones.


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2014 Citra Pariwara

Direct Promotion/Marketing / Bronze

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