Jinba Ittai Mazda


Jinba Ittai serves as the basis of Mazda's design philosophy. This bond cannot be expressed using words; it’s about something much more than just going the distance. It's the perfect union of driver and car travelling together in harmony. The latest Mazda-CX-5 SUV, one of the main protagonists in the film, is the perfect representation of this concept in real life. "This is the first local film production of its kind and an extremely important milestone for all Mazda brand communication in Poland," emphasises Tomasz Nagot, the Marketing Director of Mazda Motor Poland.

The art which Ania Sokólska has mastered to perfection remains in absolute harmony with her ability to be effortlessly natural and modest. Anna Sokólska is an incredible horse trainer and world-class athlete. For the last 3 years, the best archer in the world and in Poland, invariably winning many international competitions.

Mazda CX-5 and Anna Sokólska in partnership with her horse Czanar evoke the power of the Jinba Ittai spirit. The two-minute film was produced by Papaya's production house, directed by Tadeusz Śliwą and broadcasted in an exclusive advertising block on National Geographic Polska and via social media: YouTube and Facebook. The film's release was accompanied by supporting marketing activities in the form of native material in the press and online. The pictures were taken over the Baltic Sea and in the seaside forests of Osetnik, and in the Stud Farm of Ciekocinko. All media was created by the Mindshare media agency.

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