Club Smart Shell


Shell brand achieves very good results in preference research, its fuels are associated with the highest quality but are perceived as more expensive than the competition. Thus, some consumers do not even consider refueling on Shell. But as someone tries it once, then he/she is more convinced to use the brand. Our goal was to attract people  and encourage them to try refueling on Shell by showing that it’s possible at favorable prices, but in a way that won’t give the impression of a temporary promotion so that consumers may associate Shell fuel with good prices constantly. Because the price of fuel is one of the key drivers while choosing a petrol station, we wanted to emphasize that Shell fuel is available at very good prices through the whole year, especially when you are the member of Shell ClubSmart program. As Poles we want to be seen as smart shoppers and the ones that make clever choices – that is why we decided to go on with the communication based on a clever patent for refueling.

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