Beyond Money​ HSBC


Challenge: To HSBC, Personal Wealth Management goes beyond simply managing their customer’s finances. It’s important to them that they truly understand a customer’s needs, ambitions, and goals, because this ultimately largely influences a client’s financial needs. Whilst most banks focus on growing the size of wealth, HSBC believed that it is not how much you have but about how you can make the most of it.
J. Walter Thompson was set on a task to help enrich and deepen HSBC’s conversations with customers about what genuinely matters to them in life.

Insight: People feel they are constantly “chased” for their cash by banks and aren’t given much room for variation. To stand out, a customer-centric need based approach was needed for the bank to stand out from the competition.

Idea: The aim was to build long term relationships, connect our customers to opportunities and help them realize their ambitions.
Beyond Money was established as a strategic thought leadership platform in collaboration with TED Talks to make use of the bank's aggregated insights of our world ad spark real conversations with the public. A conference was held on 4 Mar 2014, to discuss relevant social topics such as raising children as entrepreneurs, retirement and the financial independence of women. This got the event attendee’s talking about their financial issues, which helped the bank gain valuable insights to a customer’s needs today.
Content from the event, and other relevant content were then hosted on a Beyond Money microsite.

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