Cannery Productions

J. Walter Thompson Melbourne's wholly-owned production facility

Cannery Productions is a flexible studio space catering for natural light, cyclorama and large format shooting space for screen content and stills. There are 3 dedicated motion editing suites and sound recording studio, supported by a team of production specialists.

It provides an agile and cost effective way to produce content ranging from catalogues through to shooting and editing video content or TVC's.  The Cannery is a very tangible expression of J. Walter Thompson Melbourne’s focus on helping clients get to market with integrated communications faster and more affordably.

The Stag Hero Image
Cannery Catalogue Image

Production volume spans from over 16,000 photography still images per year to 230 in-house edits and over 1,100 catalogue pages.

Cannery La Trobe Image
Ditch Shoot Lying Down

The facility enables us to shoot, edit and voiceover content and quickly respond to opportunities for tactically relevant content.

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