With thousands of attendees and hundreds of sessions and events, the SXSW Interactive Festival is definitely a crowded space. Here is where we cut through the clutter.

Our teams from Brazil, New York, Atlanta, Singapore, Melbourne, London and more are in Austin handpicking the best of what the festival has to offer. Over the next week, we’ll be sharing back the standout trends, insights, sounds, sights and experiences we’re seeing on-the-ground. #JWTSXSW

The Wow Factory

Sony introduced festival-goers to a range of experiential technology at SXSW. 

Five cool things from SXSW: robots chatting, YouTube's 6 second haikus and more

As SXSW comes to a close for another year, some delegates from the marketing services sector offer their views on some of the cool stuff they saw while spending a few days around Austin, today Marie Stafford from J Walter Thompson Innovation Group tells us what she enjoyed.

SXSW 2017: Bolt Threads

Wearable technology generated great excitement at the beginning of the 2010s with the novelty factor of 3D printing, sensor-enabled garments, and grow-your-own-dress projects from imaginative graduate students. But lately, the fashion tech revolution has appeared to lag behind schedule.

Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

Move over, David Pogue: JWT's first official 2017 SXSW correspondent this week is Ginny Bahr -- who has worked at the agency since 1951.


The ScatterViz, a visor designed by a group of young women of color who started a company called Hyphen-Labs

Shepherd Laughlin, Director of Trend Forecasting of JWT’s Innovation Group, reflects on the uncertainty around technology at SXSW.


A lot can happen in 6 seconds: JWT New York recruits pups to retell a tragic love story for YouTube as the platform challenges agencies to shrink classic books into short ads. See the ads now at #YouTubeCorner at #SXSW 


Posters at #IBMSXSW #IBMismaking

Alan Leong, digital creative director at JWT Singapore, talks about the importance of using data as the foundation for creative ideas.


Where does infinity begin and end? Refik Anadaol’s Infinity Room installation, part of the SXSW Art Program: “In this project ‘infinity’ chosen as a concept, a radical effort to deconstruct the framework of this illusory space and transgress the normal boundaries of the viewing experience to set out to transform the conventional flat cinema projection screen into a three dimensional kinetic and architectonic space of visualisation by using contemporary algorithms.”

Trend Report!

Feed the Trolls, Say Social Media Vets at SXSW

Feed the Trolls, Say Social Media Vets at SXSW

Campaign US covers "Trolls: To Feed Or Not To Feed," where panelists Caitlin McDaniel, Jeffrey Marty, Alicia Trost, and JWT Atlanta's Sunni Thompson, came face-to-face with their page trolls. 


From #YouTubeCorner: Here’s to getting sucked in. To being held rapt. To watching what you’re watching without thinking about something else. Here’s to laughing hysterically and tearing up. To feeling something new. Learning something new. Maybe even becoming something new. Here’s to new parenting tips in the middle of the night. To tips and tricks and sing-a-longs. To travelling back in time to the icons we grew up on. To perfecting a dance move, a tennis swing or a yoga pose. And here’s to a magical place where these things all live. A place that grabs us by the shirt collar. Pulls us all in. And helps us finally, thankfully, joyfully just watch.”

Classic literature in 6-seconds, powered by YouTube


A love connection you can’t find on Tinder…yet. Meet Kuri.

Facebook introduces Facebook 360 - ads not included


Beautiful graffiti mural created on-the-spot at #AnimalKingdomSXSW

NASA takes us for a walk on Mars

Introducing Ginny Bahr, our SXSWi Correspondent who will be reporting from MXME®


Todos son bienvenidos. All are welcome. #muralsofaustin

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