Shots Guest Edit - Togetherness

The shots guest edited issue has become an annual event and this year we combined forces with our London team to be the guardians of the shots magazine pages.

The JWT Guest Edit issue features a CHiPs homage cover with our very own Brent Choi and Lucas Peon. And the theme of our content is "togetherness," something which, in the time we are living in, should be actively encouraged.

You can access all of the magazine content online at

Anglo-American Fusion

We mashed together iconic foodstuffs from New York and London for gastronomical unity of astronomical proportions. From the Full English Breakfast Pizza to Jamaican Mushy Pea Patty, Hot Dog Wellington and Long Island English Breakfast Iced Tea.

Changing The World Through Adverts

Geena Davis is one of the world’s most powerful voices in the fight for gender equality – whether on screen, behind the camera or through the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. We have been working with her Institute since 2015 to change the conversation around women on screen and in culture, through research, original content creation and awareness campaigns. For our special issue on Togetherness, we asked her how we can all change the world, one ad at a time.

Making A Bad Decision Together

We explored the bonding experience of a dirty burger. Find out how the story continues, and enjoy your own Big AZ burger bonding experience at

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