Jul 31st, 2018

The Young Commodores Class of 2018: Goals in Advertising


The Young Commodores Class of 2018 joined J. Walter Thompson this summer for a 16-week, fully immersive advertising experience. We sat with the diverse class of young talents and asked them what their goals are in the advertising industry.

Muhammad Floyd, Production Team

To make great stories and to include the actual narrative of the mixing pot that is our society.

Ibrahim Tatlicioglu, Account Management

Make connections, and together diversify upper management positions.

Kanade Nakamura, Account Planner

To work with a variety of exciting and amazing companies to produce meaningful work, and to love what I’m doing.

Angelica Reyes, Account Planner

My goal in the advertising industry is to be more diverse while continuing to bring creative, inspiring ideas and work together as a team to create a masterpiece. Keep learning new things and doing new things every day.

Lauren Weiss, Creative Team

To do work I can be proud of, and to make sure there is representation both inside and outside the industry in the work we do.

Krystal Bailey, Account Planning

To make connections with industry leaders and serve as an inspiration and mentor to youth who aspire to work in media but don’t know how to get there.

Yaw Brobbey, Project Management

To become a worldwide leader and trendsetter in the diverse advertising world to come.

Fernando Coronado, Account Planning

To make connections with other creatives and share my passions with the world.

Johan Rivera, Account Planning

To be involved in producing great quality of work while representing and advocating for diversity.

Aziza Temirova, Project Management Team

To create more ads that have diversity.

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