Feb 16th, 2017

Super Bowl 51 Consumer Research Report

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From February 5 at 11:30pm, just after the Super Bowl, to the following Monday afternoon, our SONAR™ surveyed 500 U.S. adults over the age of 18 who either watched the big game at home or at a Super Bowl party.

With the Super Bowl being a premier advertising event that showcases and impacts our ever-changing world of media and entertainment, the SONAR™ team leveraged the game of the year as an opportunity to keep their pulse on how people are consuming media.

The research indicates that consumers perceives the commercials as part of the Super Bowl entertainment (42% watched the Super Bowl for the commercials). And with the majority of consumers preferring humorous or hilarious ads over serious ones, it looks like some brand ads may have missed the mark. Consequently, one-third of Super Bowl viewers considered this year’s ads to be worse than Super Bowl ads from years past.

Other highlights from the survey:

When not watching the Super Bowl, what were you doing?

  • 58% were eating
  • 51% talking with their friends and family
  • 16% posting/browsing on social media

What Social Media sites were the most visited during this year’s Super Bowl?

  • 82% were on Facebook
  • 22% were on Twitter
  • 25% were on Instagram

What brands did you see posting about the Super Bowl while you were on Social Media?

  • 22% Budweiser
  • 9% Tide
  • 7% Ford
  • 6% Bud Light
  • 6% Coca-Cola
  • 5% Pepsi

What commercial did you like the most?

  • 12% Budweiser
  • 8% Kia
  • 5% Mr. Clean
  • 4% Skittles
  • 3% Tide
  • 3% T-Mobile
  • 2% 84 Lumber
  • 2% Coca-Cola

How would you compare this year’s Super Bowl ads to the ads of the past?

  • 34% This year’s ads were worse than in the past 

If you could talk directly to the advertisers who make Super Bowl commercials, which type of advertisements would you tell them you’d like to see more of next year?

  • 42% Humorous
  • 37% Hilarious 

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