Feb 1st, 2017

Meet Jebet Amdany, Scanad Ghana's Country Manager


Jebet Amdany, Country Manager at Scanad Ghana, is a self- made leader and visionary whose career has taken her to top shops like FCB and Saatchi & Saatchi in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

 After three years as Scanad Ghana’s leader, Jebet was named one of the Top 50 Women Corporate Leaders in Ghana. Today, we sat with Jebet to hear firsthand how her passion, hard work and determination has landed her where she is today

You founded and ran a radio station, called Radio Simba. What inspired you to start your own station?

Radio has always been my passion! I call it “theatre of the mind” since it allows you to conjure up pictures in your mind from what you are hearing. It is magic. Of course, starting a radio station is big business and before I started, while I would have liked to create a station that suited me, we needed to conduct research to understand the market which was already cluttered and find out what gaps there were. We discovered we could do well with a Swahili station that played African music.

In an interview with Nairobi Living, you said “One must do many adventurous things that stretch you beyond your imagination.” Tell us about the most adventurous thing you’ve done.

Starting a radio station from scratch! This was the riskiest thing I’d ever done! To dream an idea and make it happen. For almost 2 years it did not take off; it was the most disheartening period of my life for things to stand still. But slowly the wheels started turning and then there was lift off! The whole journey from start to finish was an adventure. I learned blind faith, patience, perseverance, trust, managing risk, letting go, and most importantly never giving up!

We know you are always on the lookout for new restaurants. If you had to eat at only one restaurant for a year, which would you choose?

Allow me two restaurants: One that serves African spicy food – that means hot, peppery food from all of Africa. And one that serves Indian food.

WomanRising, Ghana’s leading network of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders, named you one of the Top 50 Women Corporate Leaders in the country. What advice would you give to young women starting out in the industry?

The award from WomanRising was a huge surprise! My advice to young women: – I believe today there are more opportunities in our industry to be anything you want! They should go for what they want and show enthusiasm for their dreams openly. Ask for positions and don’t be afraid to ask for help from experienced women. Be mentored. Invest in yourself and always keep discovering what new skills you need to be better at your current job. Don’t wait for your organization to train you, take responsibility for your education and up your skills.

 How would you describe advertising in Ghana? How do you foresee it changing in the next few years?

We operate in an environment where 60% of the advertising spend is from direct advertisers. That means there is huge potential for growth for agencies. It also means educating the advertisers – that is a long term project and perhaps this where digital may be the catalyst. Digital is growing and has more appeal especially for the smaller advertisers and as it grows, it opens up opportunities for the local business to tap into a growing young audience for their brands. That’s the future for Ghana, it may take time and the great thing about digital is it makes brands leap!

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