Apr 6th, 2017

JWT Vietnam Unlocks the Modern Female Consumer

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Women in Vietnam have always played a crucial role in the country’s history and economy, holding roles as warriors and nurses, mothers and wives, leaders, pioneers, and wealth creators. Women now make up more than 70% of the labor force in Vietnam, holding the highest of the nation’s corporate board seats among Asia Pacific countries (25%) and having 4% higher proportion of entrepreneurs comparing to Vietnamese men (VCCI).

In Vietnamese culture, women are progressive, resilient, and persistently making their contribution to help the country move forward. However, there are hurdles in the way of their reaching their full potential: the gender pay gap in Vietnam expanded most management positions are held by men, and women’s employment opportunities are limited by the prejudice in the social division of labor and the family burden

Our Female Tribes study in Vietnam surveyed 403 Vietnamese women and  uncovers the challenges, nuances and opportunities of these women today.

According to the study, women still feel that they are facing negative professional challenges and that their challenges are shifted differently by their priorities in each life stage. They want to have a louder voice regarding cultural influences and want to hear/see more about women in science and engineering. More than half of them are inspired by female role models in film and on TV to be more assertive and daring.

See the infographic, first featured in Forbes Vietnam in March 2017 and based on Female Tribes data, below. 

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