Apr 26th, 2017

JWT Manila’s Young Lions Prepare for Cannes 2017

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Albert Millar and Alyssa Babasa, Copywriter and Junior Art Director respectively at JWT Manila, will be representing the Philippines in the Young Lions competition at Cannes this year.

In March in Boracay, an island in the central Philippines, the duo went up against other under-30 creative talent to compete in the Young Creatives at the 2017 Kidlat Awards.

We chatted with the Cannes-bound creatives to find out more their award-winning entry and how it feels to be heading to the Palais this June. 

Tell us about your winning idea. What was the brief?

ALBERT: The brief asked us to create a print ad that would discourage people from trusting sketchy news sites and persuade them to instead trust only credible sources, specifically, The Philippine Daily Inquirer. We were asked to push people to be more discerning when it comes to shared information, especially nowadays when fake news runs rampant.   Our idea was inspired by a time when the whole country was fooled by a fake article that spread on social media. There was this rumor that “The Big One,” a strong earthquake predicted to hit the Philippines, would be happening soon. The news spread quickly and chaos ensued online. People started to share the false information, calling families and friends, and even made plans to go out of the country. After a few days, PHILVOCS, the authority on geological phenomena, countered the claim and revealed that the information wasn’t true. It was too late though, as people were already affected by the fake news.   This event was what led us to our tagline: “Reading the truth means you’ll never be fooled.”   We visualized how fake news creates chaos and how only those who read credible sources are safe from such consequences.   We also wanted to make sure that it the message was clear and easy understand, but clever enough to make an impact.

See winning artwork below

Tell us about yourselves.

ALBERT: I went to De La Salle University-Manila and De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. In January 2015, immediately after college, I joined Guerrilla AD as a Junior. Then, in October 2015, I moved to JWT as a Copywriter.

ALYSSA: I graduated from De La Salle University-Manila with a degree in Advertising Management. In June 2015, I landed my first job as a Junior Art Director in APAC. I joined JWT in June 2016.

How did it feel to win the competition in Manila?

ALBERT: It was fulfilling knowing that the tremendous amount of work we put in was worthy of recognition. From the beginning, our goal was simply to create work that we love and can be proud of. Seeing that same work being recognized by peers and mentors alike is what made our win such a rewarding experience.

ALYSSA: As a first-timer in Kidlat, it was a very thrilling and rewarding experience. Despite the pressure of it all, we just wanted to come up with something that we really believed in.

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How do you feel about going to Cannes to represent your country and compete in the Young Lions Competition?

ALBERT: I’m excited to represent the Philippine brand of creativity. It’s been a long time since the Philippines bagged the Young Lions trophy, and hopefully, we can do that this year.

ALYSSA: I’m really looking forward to it. It’s not every day that you get to represent your country. I hope we make the Philippines proud.

What do you think are the most important changes taking place in our industry that will affect what you do over the next three years?

ALBERT: More and more brave work is coming out today. Creatives are finding unique and groundbreaking ways to express their ideas. We search for what can’t be done and find a way to do it. This is what inspires me to go to work every day and craft brave ideas that have never been done before. 

ALYSSA: It’s not about thinking out of the box anymore; I believe it’s about creating good and impactful work. As a young creative, my goal is to inspire and touch more lives with creativity.

Headline image credited to Adobo Magazine

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