Mar 21st, 2016

J. Walter Thompson Beirut Wins Include Three Grand Prix For "The Good Note" At 2016 Dubai Lynx Festival Of Creativity

The Good Note


BEIRUT, LEBANON (21 March 2016) — J. Walter Thompson Beirut took home three Grand Prix awards in Direct, PR, and Integrated at this year’s Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity. The top honours were awarded to The Good Note, an integrated campaign created for Beirut client, Bou Khalil Supermarkets. The campaign also scooped two further Gold awards in Direct, plus a Gold in Design, and a Bronze in Outdoor. The awards contributed to the J. Walter Thompson MENA network being named Network of the Year at the same show.

Dubai Lynx honours the region's best work in creative communications and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. Entries are judged by an international jury drawn from global communication experts within a particular discipline. For the PR category, work was judged on its use of reputation management to build and preserve trust between individuals, businesses or organisations and their audiences. For the Direct category, work was judged on its ability to generate a response or specific action whilst building and prolonging relationships. For the Integrated category, work was judged on its successful use of at least three or more different forms of media in achieving a campaign’s objective.

Established in 1935, Bou Khalil Supermarkets is a family run chain of 11 supermarkets across Lebanon, that has been providing generations of care since its inception.

J. Walter Thompson Beirut was tasked by Bou Khalil Supermarkets to develop a meaningful social drive for its community of customers in Lebanon. The Good Note was a solution that provided care for generations of people living on the margins of Lebanese society. Today, a large proportion of those people are refugees, and in particular children, whose only means of supporting themselves and their families is to beg on the country’s streets.

Through research, the agency found that Lebanese people had practically stopped giving to beggars because no one trusted that their donations would not fall into the wrong hands. Leveraging this insight, The Good Note is a solution providing people in Lebanon with a way to give again, with trust, knowing their donation would be used for only good things.

The Good Note is an alternative form of currency, printed in denominations of LBP 1,000 (equivalent to US $0.66) – the sum of money typically handed to beggars on the street. Good Notes can be exchanged at any Bou Khalil supermarket for all sorts of necessities the desperate families need, with the exclusion of alcohol and cigarettes.

The campaign was initially launched in Bou Khalil’s own supermarkets, backed by in-store material, a micro site, outdoor advertising, an online video and a print campaign. Other partners quickly came on board selling The Good Notes to people in Lebanon via their own outlets. By listening to the beggars’ needs, the Beirut team grew the campaign still further, including The Good Truck which carried a selection of basic necessities to the beggars. As more and more people in Lebanon became involved with the initiative, further activations were launched including The Good Ride, which saw Lebanese people come together in a fund-raising bicycle and motorbike cavalcade, raising money in order to purchase Good Notes to hand out to beggars.

Commenting on The Good Note’s wins Nicolas Geahchan, Executive Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson Levant, said, “The Good Note is the product of a pressing need in Lebanese society. Collaborating seamlessly with our client Bou Khalil Supermarkets, we delivered a holistic answer to the array of questions posed by such an ambitious initiative. We are proud this was recognized by the international jury and remain committed to providing all our clients with strategic answers to their business problems.”

Tarek Haddad, Managing Director, J. Walter Thompson Beirut added “It is great to see a brand such as Bou Khalil Supermarkets give back to the society it has been an integral part of for so long, and see it paving the way for how responsible brands can be in today’s world.”

Celebrating the win, Suzanne Talhouk, PR Director, J. Walter Thompson Levant said “The Good Note is a campaign that resonated with Lebanese society and positively affected the lives of many street people in Lebanon. But it doesn’t stop here. Our integrated communication will continue to bring Bou Khalil’s purpose to life, and, we hope, The Good Note will continue to give.”

In addition to The Good Note, J. Walter Thompson Beirut also took home a Silver in Outdoor at Dubai Lynx for their Coca-Cola client, with Giraffe – a playful take on the brand’s new long can. J. Walter Thompson Beirut has been active in the market supporting clients’ brands and business growth since the early 1960s. Other Beirut clients include ABC mall and department stores, Heineken, Red Bull, Roadster Diner and touch - the leading mobile operator in Lebanon.

The J. Walter Thompson MENA network won a total of five Grand Prix awards, plus 12 Gold, 16 Silver and 10 Bronze awards which made it the most awarded network in MENA at the Dubai Lynx Festival in 2016, winning it the Network of the Year accolade. Work was awarded across 13 categories at the Festival, including though not limited to Branded Content & Entertainment, Direct, Integrated, PR, Promo & Activation, and Interactive. Campaigns for 12 clients in business sectors as diverse as Tourism, Automotive, Real Estate, Banking, Retail, and Food & Beverage were recognized with awards, namely Al Ismaelia Real Estate, Bou Khalil Supermarkets, Central Trade & Auto Co, Coca-Cola, Dubai Cares, Egyptian Tourist Authority, HSBC, Kinokuniya, Listerine, Raseef22, Saudi Telecom Company (STC), and Vodafone Egypt.


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