Feb 5th, 2018

Josh Budd's Top Three Favorite Super Bowl 52 Ads

Josh Budd

This past weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. The Super Bowl is a highly anticipated moment for not only football fanatics, but also for advertising professionals who look forward to the commercial breaks.

We asked one of JWT Canada's CCO's Josh Budd to reflect on his favorite ads that aired during the game and to tell us why they were memorable. 

Doritos/Mountain Dew - "Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice"
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In my opinion, Super Bowl spots should be about one thing - entertaining. So, I lean away from tear-jerkers and showcases for corporate responsibility. I want to laugh. And Peter Dinklage busting out Busta got me good. I love this song from back in the day, and seeing a serious actor lip sync something best blasted out the back of a Civic was unexpected. Morgan Freeman was decent as well, but this nod is 100% Dinklage - his performance was (pardon the pun) fire.

E-Trade - "This is Getting Old"
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This may not be on everyone’s list, but it’s on mine because they managed to share a point of view in an entertaining way. It didn’t feel preachy and wasn’t one of those stats I was aware of (up here in Canada). The score and casting were both nicely crafted, and was the commercial that did the best job of upping my consideration of the brand.

Tide - "It's a Tide Ad"

The big winners of the night: the Eagles and Tide. Really clever way to commandeer the entire Super Bowl spot genre. And in a super simple way. Any commercial without stains equals a Tide spot. David Harbour shape-shifts from genre to genre with great charm as an endearing "every-man." Punctuating the :60s with four :15s was smart and provided great texture to the overall message. The Mr. Clean integration stood out for me as the best of the bunch.

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