Mar 17th, 2017

Introducing the HiP Class of 2017

Hi Ps Collage V2

We are delighted to announce JWT’s HiP Club Class of 2017, our High Potential employees from across the network. This year we are inducting 54 employees into the program.

The HiP program was created 12 years ago to help us identify approximately 50 outstanding employees across our network who are humble and hungry, and helping us build on our legacy of pioneering brands. Local managers across the network nominate top performers for the program. Each nomination is carefully selected and sponsored by a regional head, and subsequently reviewed by global leadership for final approval.

HiP Club members have a pioneering spirit, and are seen as future leaders of JWT. They demonstrate many qualities, including but not limited to:

  • A skill for seeking influence and inspiration from the world, and the culture and society around them
  • A creative, curious and collaborative spirit, regardless of job title
  • A hunger to pioneer and come up with creative, innovative and world-changing ideas
  • The courage to break new ground and challenge oneself
  • A modern approach to work, always thinking about the future and what’s next 

Meet our HiPs:

Asia Pacific: Peter Zhang, Sebastian Chendra, Mitsuru Sato, Nutthapong (Keng) Wannakovit, Monica Hynds, Richard Schmitt 

Europe: Shmulik Kitaink, Rodrigo Barona, Charlotte Jude, Emily Conway, Laurie Carter, Sophia Redgrave, Irene Sanchez, Cesare Malescia, Emily Lyons, Carolyn Andrew, Jacqueline Mautz, Felix Franz Vogler, Cornelia Goebel

Latin America: Alejandra Bufi, Ana Etcheto, Paula Siabato, Ligia Mattos, Nathalia Caldas, Isabella Rodrigues, Camilo Mateus

Middle East & North Africa: Ramzy Salhab, Jad Haddad, Safa Guitouni 

North America: Andrew Rusk, Matt Ball, Jimmy James-Bergeron, Remy Wainfeld, Jessica Watson, Javier Molinos, Sarah Weeden, Angela O'Neill, Bob Broadfoot, Brittany Lewis, Diana Orrico, Jose Lucas, Steve Torres, Victoria Sobel

North America Mirum: Bobbi Bowers, AJ Scherbring, Michael Turnwall, Amy Stockwell, Theresa Pham, Jennifer Pniak

South Asia: Harsh Maheshwari, Natasha Mehta, Nikhit Shetty, Ashish Mathew, Rahul Bhojraj, Amanda Aluvihare

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