May 29th, 2017

How We Made It: #DoItTogether

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Last month, JWT Milan launched “Do It Together”, a 360-degree campaign developed for Indesit, an Italian brand for home appliances that is present in most European countries. “Do It Together” forces people to think critically about gender equality.

While many in Indesit’s four key European markets – France, Italy, Russia and the UK – were talking about gender equality across we found that those conversations weren’t happening less in the place where it could really start: at home, with the housework. Research confirmed that women were in still in charge of housework.

“Do It Together” was thus designed as a call to action for the whole family, not just the mother or the father, to take on household chores.

Within the first two weeks of the release of the campaign’s manifesto video, it had already garnered more than 20 million views.

We caught up with Sergio Rodriguez, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of JWT Milan, to learn more the inspiration and execution behind this new, convention-breaking work.

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What was the motivation behind "Do It Together”?

Indesit, a brand that has been in the market for over 60 years, wanted to re-establish its stature by showing its ability to deliver on families’ needs through its practical, reliable, and easy-to-use products. In a market where most of the brands tend to adopt a self-referential approach and celebrate their hyper-sophisticated technologies, Indesit wanted to show its relevance in families’ lives. We centered in on a human challenge common to four key markets (UK, Italy, Russia, and France): whilst gender equality is now a reality in many fields, at home it is still an issue. Research data proves that the bulk of housework still rests on women’s shoulders. Indesit is the first brand in the home appliances market to push for change, championing a more equal sharing of housework in the family. We brought the Indesit commitment to life through the “Do ItTogether” philosophy, which is a call to action for the whole family, not just the mother and father.

What are the key elements of the campaign?

It all started with the Hero Dad video (hyperlink) The idea was to play on gender stereotypes by showing that when a working man has to do the housework and caring activities alone, he is immediately seen as a hero. We brought the “Do It Together” philosophy to life with digital branded content called the “Big Family Switch Up.” Over the course of a month, four real families in each of the key markets were challenged to switch their domestic tasks and have a more balanced sharing of the housework to discover that it can be more enjoyable when it is all done together. We also ran a video to support gender-free toys that took the form of Indesit mini washing machines. These toys were created to educate younger generations and will become part of a Facebook competition. An online consumer survey is being carried out that is aimed at building a European panel of insights about families and household chores. Whoever participates in the survey is given a digital gift: a collection of emojis related to the topics of housework and home appliances. Additionally, PR and mom bloggers will help support the various assets of the campaign in the forthcoming months.

What was the reach of the campaign?

The launch video, released on April 26th, gained three million views in the first twenty-four hours and over thirty million views after three weeks. We expect the numbers to keep growing and achieve global reach well beyond the commercial boundaries of the original campaign.

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