Apr 19th, 2017

"Dear Anita Rios..."

Anita Rios

Anita Rios is the General Creative Director at JWT Buenos Aires and is the only woman in Argentina to hold this position. In her spare time, Anita gives dissertations about women and Creativity and is a member of the Argentinean Creative Association’s board. 

Throughout her career, Anita has held positions at Y&R, Del Campo Nazca S&S, and Ponce Bueno Aires. She has worked on brands such as Visa, Coca-Cola, CNN, Kit Kat, and CNN to name a few! Anita’s work has been recognized at Cannes, Clio’s, Wave, Effie’s, London, New York, and El Sol where she was awarded with a Grand Prix. Most recently, Anita was named one of Argentina’s Women to Watch.

As she paves the way for women in both her region and the industry, Anita reflected on her past and wrote a letter of advice to her younger self.

Hi Anita!!

Today is your first day at an agency. Congratulations!!

I’ll give you some advice for your future, which will be very useful. You can bet on it. 

Being a “creative” sounds like a lot of fun and in fact, it is. But, you don’t have the  slightest idea how much effort and dedication it takes to work in this industry. 

At the beginning of your career you will feel like quitting all the time. You are going to have two mornings in 1999 when you will be on the brink of quitting. Don’t do it. Don’t quit. I promise it will be worth it.

During the first few years of your career, make sure you give all your best and devote everything entirely to your job. It is during this time that you will show what you are really made of.

Yes, most of your colleagues are men. They are super funny, super talented and super hard-working. Nothing that you don’t have. Give it all you´ve got. Would you believe me if I told you that you´ll be the boss of a lot of them one day? 

Cry as much and as often as you would like in your life. You can cry for any reason: an emotional moment, bad news, a movie, or even if you have been dumped by a boyfriend (one of them will dump you! I´m sorry for telling you this right now). But, NEVER EVER cry over work. It isn´t worth it. You’re going to make ads; you are not saving lives. So, don’t run around the agency out of your mind.

Advertising is a job. You have to understand this from day one. There is a client on the other side. If you want to do your art and you don’t want anyone to touch your work, you have chosen the wrong career. 

Lastly, please be very happy. Don’t forget to enjoy this work because it is spectacular. Don’t make such a big fuss about everything. Spend several hours of your time thinking of ideas until what you have come up with is something that you will still like the next morning. It is important to laugh at yourself and connect with all the people you meet. Most of these people are really amazing! 

Working in advertising will give you friends that will stay in your life forever. 

Keep your eyes open because you will travel a lot. You fundamentally need to know that from this day on, you’re going to laugh your head off everyday of your life. 

Ready, steady, go!

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