Midtown by Midtown East® (MXME®)

Our 2017 SXSWi Share Back

This year we've enlisted our longest-standing employee, Ginny Bahr, to report from Midtown East on SXSWi.

What are you doing with your life?

Smash Mouth...

Google does denim

Flying through Midtown

Google Fiber and... Wonder Woman?

Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

Restaurant Review: Los Pollos Hermanos

NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism

Trend Report!

Classic literature in 6-seconds, powered by YouTube

Sony brings the WOW for Spiderman

Facebook introduces Facebook 360 - ads not included

NASA takes us for a walk on Mars

Introducing Ginny Bahr, our SXSWi Correspondent who will be reporting from MXME®


Ginny Bahr is JWT's longest-serving employee, she has been walking our  NY halls for more than 65 years—57 of them in high heels. Bahr began working as an executive in the PR department on December 17, 1951. Since then, she has worked in almost every department and on every account, including Ford, Pan Am, Rolex, and Shell Oil. In March 2017, Bahr was named the agency’s official Correspondent for SXSWi 2017.

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