Senior Planner
at Wunderman Thompson Bangkok




  • Works under moderate supervision and with specific limits and authority on assignments of moderate complexity.
  • Responsible for research/account planning activities on assigned accounts and is involved in development and delivery of client presentations.
  • Assist Planning Supervisors/ Directors in developing strategies and brand campaigns for assigned clients.
  • The purpose of this job is to provide rigorous and imaginative strategic thinking to underpin the agency’s work.


  • Possesses functional knowledge and skills reflective of fully competent practitioner.
  • Typically has 1-3 years’ experience.
  • Able to read and understand a sales report
  • Understands core human motivations and values
  • Reads and understands consumer trend reports
  • Understands the different categories and roles for research i.e. qualitative, quantitative
  • Well versed on free on-line research tools
  • Understand how to create good quality stimulus material for different types of research
  • Be familiar with and able to use basic digital and data analytical tools
  • Knows the fundamentals of brands and branding e.g. emotional/rational, blind vs. branded
  • Understands a brief vs. a briefing
  • Understands the different categories of measures e.g. interim, sales, ROI
  • Continuously reads effectiveness papers
  • Appreciates the many different channels/routes to the consumer
  • Understands the mechanics of Search and search optimization
  • Understands the role of different channels to address different tasks
  • Engages with new technologies
  • A digital native – proficient in the use of Social media for brands
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