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Account Supervisor

At J. Walter Thompson we create pioneering solutions that build enduring brands and business.  We have been connecting brands with consumers and creating engaging stories that shift behavior for over 150 years. We currently have over 200 offices in 90 countries that contain 10,000 of the brightest minds in the business. We owe our growing success to the adoption of a set of simple principles we refer to as the 4 C’s: curiosity, collaboration, capability and courage. It is the embodiment of these traits that makes J. Walter Thompson unique. It is also what we look for in potential new hires.

As an Account Supervisor you will be responsible forcultivating and nurturing strong working relationships across the internal agency and client teams alike.You thrive on the development of innovative marketing solutions while knowing how to maximize agency resources to deliver against client goals.

A Day in the Life:

ACCOUNT SUPERVISORS are responsible for the day to day management of the account. This list is not exhaustive, but includes the following responsibilities:

  • Works with project management to ensure projects run smoothly, effectively and efficiently
  • Cares passionately about the detail – right first time, every single time!
  • Takes responsibility for the day to day running of the account with regard to production budgets, timing plans, etc.
  • Works with project management to ensure that work is being progressed through various different departments on time.
  • Is able to progress work without the presence of the Business Director/Account Director, using a thorough understanding of the Clients and the role played by other departments.
  • Has regular “financial reconciliation” meetings internally, reviewing the work of the Account Associate.
  • Works with Planners to help develop briefs and research stimulus.
  • Can judge priorities across several projects and varied levels of activity, and works with Project Management to problem solve when needed. Will bring possibly solutions to their supervisor for approval.
  • Works accurately and gracefully under pressure.
  • Fully knowledgeable of the internal processes and consistently abides by it each and every single time to deliver the requirement.


  • ACCOUNT SUPERVISORS are expected to know the status and next actions to each project they’re involved in at any time, as well as other crucial information like budgets, deadlines, etc.
  • To ensure their team members (AM or AA) act as guardian of the detail re: copy changes, script details, stimulus changes by Client, spellings on copy, legal regulations affecting creative, etc.
  • Responsible for understanding the impact of changes to the project flow, and be able to guide teams on problem solving on the fly.
  • Knowledgeable about TVC and Print production. This is critical as a large bulk of the work we do is in these mediums.
  • Familiarity with Milward Brown LINK testing of creative prior to airing.


A good ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR makes it his/her business to find out, understand and learn skills, theories and techniques relating to Advertising and Marketing. At a minimum, we expect an ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR to:

  • Be able to take a brief from Client and draft a creative brief for internal discussion.
  • Be able to actively participate in strategic discussions, and to be able to lead in the absence of their supervisor.
  • Prepare and organize excellent, inspiring creative briefing sessions.
  • Be able to judge creative ideas in terms of factual accuracy, relevance to the brief and ability to inspire and motivate the consumer.  Sharing those thoughts during internal reviews with teams.
  • Contribute to discussions with Clients about advertising and comms.
  • Understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative research and their pros and cons. Is familiar with and understands the implications of Millward Brown, etc.
  • Is able to assess creative work based on projected performance in Link testing.
  • Undertakes competitive reviews and helps compile Brand Audits with Planners
  • Disseminates information to the team (with the Exec/Assistant).
  • Is responsible for the writing and sending out of contact reports of Client meetings they attend, and notes to the agency team clarifying key points discussed.


People management skills are vital. An ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR is expected to be able to interact in a positive and constructive way with Clients and Agency personnel of many different levels, and often in senior positions. This means an ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR has to have people skills, behave with integrity and with intelligence, and if they want to be listened to, carry themselves appropriately. Specific tasks for an ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR are to:

  • Take responsibility for training and development of an Account Manager and Account Associate.  Able to coach and grow direct reports.
  • Know when to delegate, and do it in an appropriate manner (both upwards and downwards).
  • Give constructive and regular feedback about performance of junior members of the team, and manage up to their supervisor on performance updates.
  • Develop a constructive and positive relationship with the Client team, especially building strong relationships with Marketing Directors.
  • Be able to debate constructively with Clients and press for the Agency’s recommendation.
  • Keep a project moving forward.
  • Be a team player.
  • Be a positive force, and not a negative one.
  • Absorb the anxieties of those around you to keep a project moving forward.


ACCOUNT SUPERVISORS should communicate clearly, succinctly and intelligently. Internally and externally, the efficiency of others depends on precise briefs and clarity of agreements and decision making. Specifically, ACCOUNT SUPERVISORS are expected to be able to:

  • Distil complex situations/information down to the essentials.
  • Be honest and straight in talking at all times, especially when delivering bad news, and be assertive when appropriate.
  • To give accurate verbal and written feedback and instructions.
  • Strong listening skills.
  • To be able to have meetings with the Brand Director without their supervisor being present.
  • The ability to present and sell creative ideas.
  • The ability to present and discuss production estimates.


ACCOUNT SUPERVISORS should be able to own the day to day management of tactics within a larger project with minimal oversight from their Supervisor.  This may include projects like:

  • Shoot management, both Print and TVC
  • Development of Key Visuals from approved Campaign Idea
  • POS/POP executions from an approved Key Visual
  • Landing Page briefing, creative development and delivery
  • Banner briefing, creative development and delivery
  • Collateral briefing, creative development and delivery (brochures, etc)
  • Print Production
  • TV Tags and Simple Re-Edits
  • Trafficking (TV, OOH and Digital)
  • Management of Talent costs
  • Management of Production budgets, inclusive of allocating budget amounts to specific tactics
  • Vigilance and oversight of client Market Logic system (ensuring creative materials are submitted and routing)

What you’ll need:

  • Entrepreneurial.  Think like an entrepreneur - need to focus on the outcome, not just on the process.  Be incredibly action oriented.  Think differently about problems and help figure them out.  Pioneer new ways to working and forge the relationship with the clients based on business, not golf outings.
  • Creatively minded. Ability to recognize a great idea and empower the creative teams to see it through.  Do not kill ideas because the client won’t like it. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to push the boundaries on the work we make, while providing the business context needed for the work to be successful.
  • Business centric. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into the business to understand where the pain points are.  Be able to link our work directly back to the business as much as possible.  Question everything.
  • Positive. We will not hire toxic people.  This is critical to foster a highly collaborative environment.
  • Some experience. Let’s start with a BA and 5+ years in an agency or related environment.
  • Passion.  Must be passionate about our agency, the industry and your career.
  • Thinker.  Have the courage to imagine new ideas, encourage dialogue and debate.
  • Confident.  In the presentation of yourself and the work.
  • Maturity.  Just a little bit, plus a great sense of humor.

J. Walter Thompson is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to attracting and retaining the most qualified employees regardless of race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability.

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