Client Service Internship
at JWT Folk



About us

Here at JWT Folk, we impact culture for commercial gain.

To make the biggest impact on our clients’ bottom line, we’re obsessed with understanding people and the cultures they’re influenced by.

We’re not interested in creating ideas for ‘target audiences’ or ‘demographics’. We create ideas for real folk. Ideas that tap into the cultural conversation, ideas that get talked about.

This philosophy defines everything we do. We’re driven to make an impact on culture with every campaign we deliver.

What do we look for in an intern?

We’re looking for someone with a keen interest in culture - in what makes Irish people uniquely Irish, and what commonalities bind us together globally.

We’re looking for someone that gets excited by the prospect of truly understands what makes people tick, what makes us all behave the way we do.

We’re looking for someone passionate and committed about making work that is talked about on social feeds and in pubs and cafés.

We’re looking for someone enthusiastic about story-telling and behaviour-shaping in all forms of media - be it ‘traditional’, digital or social.

What can you expect?

When you join our Account Management team, you’ll be joining a dedicated and hard-working team working daily with folk committed to creating advertising that truly impacts culture.

Working with the 80 of us here at JWT Folk, you’ll get exposed to a wide range of skill sets and expertise, and will have the opportunity to work across a multitude of exciting campaigns and projects.

Through training, management and feedback on your performance throughout the internship, we’ll ensure that you are constantly learning and given the best possible start in our industry.

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