28 Aug., 2018

Tarun Rai Named India’s Most Trusted CEO at WCRC IDEASFEST 2018

Tarun Rai At Wcrc Ideasfest 2018

World Consulting Research Corporation (WCRC) IDEASFEST 2018 awarded Tarun Rai, CEO of J. Walter Thompson South Asia, as India’s Most Trusted CEO. Hon. Sr. Cabinet Minister Mahadev Jankar and Subhash Ghai presented the award on 27 August 2018.

Commenting on the award, Tarun Rai, CEO of J. Walter Thompson South Asia, said: “An award for Trust is special. Trust has so many dimensions. As a CEO, you need to ‘earn’ the trust of many stakeholders, such as your employees, leadership teams, partners, clients, global company, and shareholders. Trust goes beyond meeting budgeted numbers. It has to do with the culture you build, of creating a conducive work environment, of empowering people, and of investing in their growth. I believe trust is the most important attribute for a leader. If you have your people’s trust, you can move mountains.”

WCRC is a global brand equity management and consulting firm that leads the continent with special research, reports, and analysis. WCRC IDEASFEST—India’s Most Trusted CEO Awards—is an annual event that is focused on honoring transformational leaders. It recognizes CEOs who have steered their organizations to great heights and who continue to build upon their success.

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