31 Jan., 2017

JWT New York's Nick Orsini Recaps the Women's March

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My alarm went off at 4am. By 4:30am, I was in an Uber on my way from Rutherford, NJ to the J. Walter Office in Manhattan. By 5:45am, the bus was loaded up and we were off to the Women’s March on Washington. It was the most energy I’ve ever had while running on five hours of sleep.

Being there was one of the most encouraging, overwhelmingly positive experiences I’ve ever had. In a climate that sometimes seems to swallow up optimism in favor of dread, being with that many kind, intelligent people was literally perfect.

I marched in solidarity with women all over the country, and the world, because men, regardless of generational divide, have a responsibility to support equality. Hearing some of the stories told, reading the signs written, and seeing how peaceful it all was replenished my hope beyond measure.

The most unbelievable thing to me was the sheer age range of the attendees. From teens looking to put a stake in the ground for their future, and older men and women still fighting the same battles from years past. There was a kinetic energy and a relentless momentum the entire day. Despite running on fumes, the crowd chants, music, and buzz kept picking me up. It wasn’t until I returned to the meet-up point at 6pm that I crashed, falling asleep somewhere between Finding Nemo and Spirited Away playing for the group on the bus ride home.

There is so much work to do, and I encourage everyone in our network to find a cause for good, and keep the momentum up for the next four years. Call a Congresswoman or Congressman, go to a march, and don’t stop calling out those “alternative facts.”

Shield yourself from your Facebook, and stay away from the barrage of hate on Twitter, and do something in your community. Above all else, the trip to the Women’s March gave me valuable time with my coworkers, something a Facebook post or Tweet never could.

All the best. Don’t look for the helpers, be one of them.

Nick Orsini

NY Digital Production

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