04 Aug., 2017

Intern Spotlight: Dana Summers and Zachary Rocha

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Over 7,000 miles away from Eddy and Benjamin – interns in our Shanghai office – we introduce you to two of our Atlanta interns: Dana Summers & Zachary Rocha.

The adventurous pair are part of MAIP’s Atlanta Advertising for Change, a program started with the help of JWT Atlanta CEO Spence Kramer. Although they didn’t know each other prior to joining JWT Atlanta as MAIP fellows, Dana and Zachary both arrived in the ATL from the Lone Star State – Dana as a recent graduate from UT Austin and Zachary as a rising senior from Texas Tech. 

This year Dana, Zachary and 8 other MAIP fellows (pictured below) were selected to be a part of the AFC program in Atlanta. Every Friday, the AFC interns rotate from their home agency to a another agency participating agency. The interns have also been divided into two competing teams and have been tasked with working on a pitch for a local non-profit agency. At the end of the pitch, one stand-out intern will receive a job offer from the participating agencies.

As they close out their internships and finalize their pitches, Dana and Zachary share some of their experiences with us in a Q&A session. 

Q&A with Dana & Zachary

If you’d been given the chance to pitch yourself as a candidate for a full-time position, what would be the name of your campaign?

Dana: Humble, Hardworking and Hungry.

Zachary: As a born and raised Texan, the name of my campaign would be called “Deep In My Heart” and the pitch would be composed of my dreams, passions, what I’ve poured my heart into in the past, and what I’d love to bring to JWT Atlanta.

Has your experience living independently in Atlanta shaped your views on 'Adulting'?

Dana: It hasn’t honestly. I’ve been independent since I left my hometown for college in terms of caring for myself financially and overall adulting (filing my own taxes, paying for my own healthcare, budgeting, working two jobs at the same time, etc). I’ve also lived independently while studying abroad in Hong Kong and interning in New York so I didn’t experience much of a shock having to take care of myself because I’m used to it.

Zachary: The hardest part about ‘Adulting’ is making new friends; everything else you can google or call your mom for. There are no student organizations, classmates, or roommates for you to grow relationships out of. You have to unapologetically be yourself and go out into the community of a city you’ve never been to in hopes of finding someone who shares your beliefs, taste in music, favorite television show, or sense of humor. The only thing harder than that is being able to find free parking in Atlanta.

What’s one of your biggest achievements?

Dana: Being the second person in my family to graduate from college, and being a MAIP fellow for the second time, after interning as a MAIP fellow at J. Walter Thompson New York last year.

Zachary: For starters, this is the first time I’ve truly lived independently. Another one of my proudest achievements is winning a Silver Addy for a print campaign I worked on.


Dana: I can mix skittles and M&Ms together without a problem.

Zachary: I’m constantly getting complimented on my laugh.

You both are finishing up your time at JWT Atlanta in the next few weeks. What’s next?

Dana: Finding a job! As a recent college graduate, I’ll be entering the workforce soon.

Zachary: I’ll be heading back to college next semester where I’m going to start my role as VP of the Ad Club at Texas Tech.

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