02 Mai, 2018

Cannes Contenders 2018: Week 1

Cc Week 1

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has been championing creativity since 1954. Today, Cannes is the world's largest festival and awards ceremony for the creative and marketing communications, entertainment, design and tech industries.

Beginning this week, we will be sharing a preview of our Cannes Contenders – the future-facing, culture-shaping, innovative pieces that demonstrate how creativity lives everywhere across our network and companies.

You can share your favorite pieces across social media with the hashtags #JWTCannes and #MirumCannes. 

Long Live La Plena

In 2017, Hurricane Maria changed the lives of everyone in Puerto Rico. With no power for radio and TV, they were forced to get their news the way their ancestors did during the early 20th century. Around 1900, a new music genre called “la plena” – also called the “sung newspaper” – was born in...


Still A Child

The commercial shows the parallelism between a baby taking its first steps and the way a drunk preadolescent walks. From that observation we came up with the concept: He’s still a child. Don’t let him drink alcohol. 


Em Khalil

Women in Lebanon don’t have equal rights, equal pay or equal laws. Yet, everyone accepts that even women. Bou Khalil, being a supermarket, a place where most of Lebanon’s society believes a woman belongs, wanted to change the status quo. And Bou Khalil was the perfect supermarket to do so because...


Battle to the Beehive

The New Zealand general election is traditionally a dry affair, and a discussion point reserved only for those who are already tuned-in politically. A notable trend during the 2017 election was that only 65% of people aged 18-24 were enrolled to vote (the lowest of any demographic, and very low in...


Pay With Views

In January 2017 Opel Netherlands introduces a new trim level of several models: The Online Edition. They feature an extensive range of product features like 4G wifi, Apple carplay and Onstar, for Opel drivers who always want to be connected. Our challenge: how to create awareness for the Online...

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