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Deeply rooted in the Egyptian market, JWT Cairo believes in collaborating with the network to bring diverse experiences and cultures into the work. JWT Cairo has become a leading agency in Egypt with a strong team that is strategically focused, creatively inspired and digitally ready for new challenges.

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We grow our clients’ business by building brands. Finding solutions that are global when needed, or as singular as a simple human emotion. We use creativity to solve business challenges and reimagine our client’s future. We exist to help companies navigate the market, and drive long-term growth.


Forging strong relationships between brands and consumers, our deep partnerships with social platforms give our clients a leading edge when developing interactive plans. Building on that knowledge, we use insights from social data to develop social strategies, run campaigns, deliver contagious content, manage communities and measure success.


Our in-house research unit, SONAR, develops and exploits new quantitative and qualitative research techniques to understand cultures, brands and consumer motivation around the world.

Interne Kommunikation

People join cultures, not companies. When companies understand, live and share their own culture, they naturally attract the best talent, and inspire and empower employees to own, innovate and drive business results. We help shape culture.

Digitale Transformation

Whether transforming an existing digital strategy or developing a new plan for the future, we build brands for digital. At the intersection of innovation, creative and analytics, we solve problems and deliver a measurable impact on our clients’ business.


We connect consumers with brands in ways that transcend conventional means of interaction. These experiences result in immersive experiences leveraging VR or Artificial Intelligence, as well as interactive live entertainment or IOT innovations. We aim to connect people to brands in a way that inspires and requires action.

Innovationen, Trends & Erkenntnisse

We are always exploring cultural shifts and converting them into opportunities for brands.

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Future 100 Trends and Change to Watch in MENA

Authored by Mennah Ibrahim, MEA Director of the Innovation Group, the 2018 report is sliced into 10 main categories - Culture, Tech & Innovation, Travel & Hospitality, Brands & Marketing, Food & Drink, Beauty, Retail, Health, Lifestyle, and Luxury. Each trend in the Future 100 MENA Report is part of a growing phenomenon; that Middle Eastern consumers are increasingly identifying themselves as ‘global citizens’. With the universal nature of digital networks, the region is experiencing a significant move towards a post-hipster world, bringing a new spin on parenthood, money and lifestyle matters overall.

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Hany Shoukry
Executive Chairman and CEO JWT Cairo

Amal Elmasri
Strategic Consultant

Mai Azmy
Managing Director

Sherif Atef
Finance Director Egypt

Hanan Elbialy
Talent Manager

Wessam Shoukry
Managing Director, BonusTP Cairo

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