Vodafone X meets Generation Y Vodafone


In March 2017, Vodafone was looking for a way to reach young people in Ireland, with a brand new student offer. But for the youth of today, life revolves around scrolling, swiping and streaming. They’ve got low attention spans and more entertainment and information at their fingertips than ever before. They’re devotees of data…and Vodafone doesn’t do unlimited data. Plus, to young people, Vodafone was the ‘family’ network, for older people. We had to change it up. We had to engage with young people on their terms. The best way to do that? Listen to them.

We did everything we could to understand the ways they think, behave, socialise, work and play, to find out what they’re following, spending their time on, using their data for.

We discovered that these guys are all about building their personal brands and flitting between loads of constantly-evolving passions, and they exist more online than they do in real life.

So we built the campaign on their terms. We created something fresh, something for young people that would be completely theirs. Something that would fuel their passions - be they music, sports or weekends. We created…Vodafone X. ‘X’ for…anything our audience wants it to be.

We brought Vodafone X to life with the help of renowned artist INSA, the creator of GIF-iti - graffiti made for the internet - automatically moving Vodafone X into a more interesting space for our audience.

INSA created murals representing our Vodafone X tariffs: sport, music and unlimited weekends. First painting each layer over and over again, he then turned our new artworks into GIF-iti. The ever-changing nature of our GIF-iti pieces showed the flexibility of the offer in an exciting and relevant way. To inject even more life into our key pieces, turning them into really compelling motivators, we set them to a music track that was made for our music-driven audience - the punchy track ‘Young Gods’ from Swedish DJ duo Total Ape. We pushed the whole campaign out through hyper-targeted, programmatic digital display and social, creating a stream of highly-customised ads - a first in Ireland. We hit our audience - and only them - everywhere, always on their turf, always uniquely theirs.

The results were pretty cool, smashing our Year One KPI by over 200% in just 12 weeks. And we gave Vodafone a whole new relevance for the youth market by understanding what young people actually care about, and grabbing their attention online. And of course, always, keeping it fresh.

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