Winter Swear Jar


Canadians are frustrated by the long, freezing winters they’re forced to endure each and every year.

For, we found a way to turn the obscenities hurled by the disgruntled at Canada’s frigid temperatures into something a bit more productive.
Introducing the Winter Swear Jar.
For every profanity-laden, anti-winter tweet that included a winter-related keyword, added a quarter to the Winter Swear Jar. Each time the jar reached $1,000, a lucky Canadian won a gift card in that amount to be used towards booking the perfect winter escape.

We tapped into winter angst in a culturally relevant way that allowed to, in some small way, be part of making the harsh Canadian winter a bit more tolerable.


There were 23,600 quarters added to the jar, $5,900 was collected and we gave away 5.9 jars in total. Overall, Canadians were thankful for an escape route out of the bitter cold.   


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