Stories of the unheard UN Women

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On International Women’s Day, UN Women is amplifying the unheard stories of incredible women.

In today’s world, 47% of women cite themselves as they own worst enemy when it comes to achieving success. This is amplified by our culture, which teaches us from an early age that high IQ, bravery and entrepreneurship are male traits. It’s most evident when we look at how history has always been a platform for male trailblazers. Women are included as an afterthought, or sometimes not even a thought at all. UN Women wants to change that.

On International Women’s Day, UN Women is giving a voice to the unheard stories of incredible women who are fighting for human and women’s rights around the world. The stories of 9 amazing women, such as Ana Vasileva, Macedonian women’s rights activist and co-creator of the #ISpeakUpNow movement, will come to life and be heard for the first time across social media and out in the world through billboard takeovers in Times Square. The stories can also be heard at, and people are encouraged to share these stories that would otherwise go unheard.

UN Women is a global champion for the empowerment of women and girls, and dedicated to the progress for gender equality.

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