#PovosDaFloresta Instituto Socioambiental

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Since the new Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, took office, indigenous and other peoples of the forest have been facing a violent wave of fear. Besides destructive attacks and forced assimilation, Bolsonaro took responsibility for the demarcation and regulation of indigenous territories away from FUNAI, the Brazilian indigenous affairs agency, and handed it to the Ministry of Agriculture.

ISA (Social Environmental Instutite) has been fighting for over 25 years in order to preserve forest people’s rights. To raise their voices before it’s too late, we gathered 25 leaders of peoples of the forest to send a message through a visgceral film released on April 22 – the first day of the biggest indigenous manifestation in the history of Brazil. It was so powerful that had 250 million impacts – and at least on that day everyone heard them.

In an extremely intolerant government, the indigenous causes generated debates and had been heard within the Senate.

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