#OpenDoorsToHope -The Most Positive Café Tata Pravesh


Owning a brand committed to innovation and breaking barriers, Tata Pravesh, manufacturer of steel doors and windows, wanted to do something significant on a subject that is perhaps not talked about too much by brands and other mainstream media.

The intent of the campaign #OpenDoorsToHope was to spread the message of making HIV infected people a welcome part of society leveraging the occasion of World AIDS Day. J. Walter Thompson identified a unique initiative which is being supported by a Kolkata based NGO named OFFER (Organisation for Friends, Energies and Resources founded by Kallol Ghosh). The objective of the digital film was to reflect how, if welcomed with an open heart, HIV positive people can live a normal and better life.

The digital film called ‘The Positive Move’ tells the stories of some HIV positive teenagers who refused to give up, dared to dream and gave birth to ‘Café Positive’ – Asia’s first café run only by HIV Positive people. The film portrays how these people were neglected emotionally and physically by their friends, families and society and then goes on to show how instead of fading away, they started a café with their own initiative and how a few good people stepped forward to the open the doors of hope for these bravehearts.

This film depicts that, along with spreading HIV awareness, if the society welcomes these people with open arms, they can overcome their odds and lead a normal life.

The film was released online on the social media channels of Tata Pravesh.

The film garnered close to 1.59 million views on Facebook & YouTube. It is one of the best performing video campaigns for Tata Pravesh to date in terms of view rate and cost per views. We reached over 3.2 million unique people with 4+ million impressions.

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