The Campaign that Never Saw the Light STC


Saudis are known for being a nocturnal society. So when we wanted to promote STC’s full customer service app ‘MySTC’, we thought of taking over the night through contextual & timely messages - that popped up at night and disappeared during the day - to remind our customers that they can fulfill their requests on MySTC just when our customers thought that we stopped operating. So if someone was cruising at night, we used LEDs & billboards with a message: No one is open at this hour; but we are. MySTC, your store around the clock. If someone is on Facebook, our message was: Friend’s all asleep? We are here for you. Through a barrage of nighttime messages on several channels, that were cheaper to execute as it avoided primetime hours, we used the night to save the day at a minimal cost & with immense success.


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Dubailynx 2017

Media / Grand Prix

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Dubailynx 2017

Media / Silver

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MENA Effies 2016

Telecommunication / Silver

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