Get in Tune with Your Financial Future HSBC



Financial advertising can be rather dry at the best of times. It can also be confusing with so many different products competing for your attention. HSBC Bank Canada wanted to let consumers know that their Advance chequing account allowed customers to earn interest on their minimum balance by placing it into an investment product such as an RRSP, GIC, and TFSA vs just leaving it in a chequing account.


To cut through the clutter, JWT Canada and HSBC Bank Canada decided to write a financial opera based on the tragedy of not being able to invest your minimum balance. They then surprised Canadians with a pop-up performance singing about the benefits of switching to a no monthly fee Advance chequing account.


So far, the campaign has hit all the right notes. It is one of HSBC Bank Canada’s highest performing campaigns. To date, there has been a 400% increase in new-to-bank clients. The accounts have been more than double the expectation and triple compared to previous years.

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