From one end of this land to the other DELTA DAIRY


Greece has 6.000 islands, of these only 117 are inhabited. Some of them are big with a lot of people but also some of them are very small and isolated with few people. These small and isolated islands are very difficult to reach with basic goods, especially when the weather conditions are not favourable.

DELTA, the leading dairy company in Greece, goes the Extra Mile as an offering to all Greeks. Simply put, it actualises its ethical obligation to Greek society by distributing its products to every corner of Greece in order for all its people to have access to basic goods.
It is a commitment despite the unfavourable weather conditions, the long distances and the difficulty of access.
That is our story. One small DELTA ship with a real employee transporting its goods to a small isolated island called Arkii. 
An island with 35 inhabitants and two children among them. One of the children is also the basic hero. A real story with real people!

DELTA is committed to satisfying all the needs of the Greek people for basic goods from one end of Greece to the other, no matter how.

One commitment with a real face and real substance.

The result of this corporate communication was immediately evident in the research regarding the DELTA brand image.

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