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Triple-S Group is the leading health insurer in Puerto Rico. And like any insurance company, it offers products to help people recover from setbacks. There’s one thing, however, that insurance companies have never been able to provide: the willpower necessary to recover from an unfortunate situation. Triple-S wanted to explore how it could offer that too.

Creative Idea

Triple-S created Comebacks, a first-of-its kind TV series that presents powerful true stories of people who found within themselves the strength to overcome life-threatening situations. A brave 50-year old woman who donated her womb so that her daughter could fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. A determined triathlete who refused to quit a race even after being shot during a competition. A community buried in one of the worst landslides in the history of the United States, rebuilt itself.


The series was covered and reviewed by virtually every national TV and print media outlet. 


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2017 FIAP

TV Programs for Brands / Bronze

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