Akram Umniah

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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

When we got an emergency call about containing a bad situation on Umniah’s Facebook page, we weren’t prepared for what was happening.
Akram, a disgruntled customer, wrote a heartfelt complaint as a Facebook comment. Shortly after, his friends teased him sarcastically and the comments spread like wildfire.
Everyone was joking about how Umniah hurt Akram’s feelings, so after we fixed the issue, we retaliated with a play on words using a known Arabic saying.

The translation: a comment for a comment (like an eye for an eye) but you can’t blame us because Akram started it.
People ate it up and brands like Orange, Careem, Kasih, Open Souq and LaVina Tea couldn’t wait to retaliate in their own way.

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