Brighter futures on sale at Tomorrow in a Box

How would you like to be the proud owner of a brand new, state-of-the-art jet pack school bag? Or maybe a sun-releasing umbrella? If you suspect these products may not exist you’d be right, but only in part. They are inventions dreamt up by the children of Brazilian NGO, Florescer, and the best part is that their inventions are for sale. JWT Brazil developed the concept behind Tomorrow in a Box: a website that works like an online marketplace for these imaginative products, but is actually a fresh approach to generating donations.

Florescer is a NGO dedicated to social work in Brazil’s poorest communities. Located in Paraisópolis, São Paulo, they do their work in one of the world’s biggest favelas where thousands of people live below the poverty line. Faced with the challenge of raising more funds, JWT Brazil sought to take the cliché out of the message. Rather than focusing on the negative emotions around the problem, they took a different approach. “We decided not to ask for donations and not to show us as victims. We decided to show the best in these kids: their imaginations,” said Rodrigo Adam, Art Director.

Working directly with the kids, they supplied the little inventors with paper and colored pencils. The rest came naturally: imagining and having fun. All the products featured on Tomorrow in a Box were the inventions and dreams of the NGO children. “If you take a close look, you will realize that every product shows the hard life and repressed wishes of these kids. A child who had never had a birthday, created the happy candle,” Adam shared.

“Even living in very bad conditions, children will always be children: they smile, dream, imagine.”

Tomorrow in a Box makes donating a truly interactive experience. The site profiles each product’s inventor, allowing visitors to see the kids who benefit from the donations. When a visitor makes a “purchase,” they receive the product virtually in the form of a shareable Facebook or other social media link. Not only does it let the visitor share the cause they support, it encourages friends in their networks to engage and spread the word.

The funds generated will keep Florescer’s project going and help expand it. “The more children out of the streets, the more kids getting education. This way, everyone can start to imagine a better future,” explained Adam. When asked about the experience working with Florescer’s children, Adam dubbed it one of the most emotional projects of his career. “Every meeting with the children was remarkable. It’s incredible to realize that even living in very bad conditions, children will always be children: they smile, dream, imagine, play, they are happy,” said Adam. Tomorrow in a Box will help these bright children find equally bright futures. As for their inventions, Adam joked, “Maybe in London, a sun-releasing umbrella would be a huge success!”

Campaign Credits:

EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Roberto Fernandez e Ricardo John
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Roberto Fernandez e Ricardo John
ART DIRECTOR: Rodrigo Adam, Andrea Pissarro e Felipe Cretella
COPYWRITER: Leandro Pinheiro
ART BUYER: Renata Sayão e Paula Ferrari
Digital Producer: Rodrigo Alberini
PRODUTORA: Foma e Agência Casa
SOUND: Estúdio Mellancia