JWT Creates First Online Testing Service for Mother’s Day Gifts

“It’s not that you want to disappoint your mother; it’s just that most of the things you do fall short of her expectations.”

This year, JWT has created a service that ensures that for your mom, this Mother’s Day won’t be a disappointing one. Step away from the “I <3 Mom” coffee mugs and get a hold of Intelligift, the world’s first online testing service for Mother’s Day gifts.

Mark Truss, JWT’s Global Director of Brand Intelligence, says, “Every time I talk to my mother on the phone, she’s disappointed in something I’ve done…or not done. We’ve all got things that our mothers make us feel guilty about, so why add one more thing this year? We created Intelligift to help people everywhere earn a year’s worth of maternal goodwill.”

Relying on data gathered in quantitative survey and live focus groups with real moms across the U.S., Intelligift evaluates each gift under five criteria: Likeability, Persuasion, Impact, Thoughtfulness and Originality. Gift-givers receive an indexed score and specific feedback within each category that they can then use to make informed gifting decisions.

“With Intelligift, we’ve taken all the analytical power and insight that JWT brings to help clients make smart marketing investment decisions and applied it to the important decisions people need to make about what to give the mothers in their lives,” added Truss. “You’re welcome.”

To learn more, and to use Intelligift, visit http://intelligift.us/.