JWT Cannes Contenders Roundup: Unique ideas from JWT Beirut and Mexico

Well, this is it folks. Only two days until Cannes Lions 2012 kicks off! For our final Cannes Contenders Roundup, we’re bringing you two innovative ideas from the teams at JWT Beirut and Mexico.



6:05®, “Bag to Size” JWT Beirut

How do you cater to a client like 6:05® that is a multi-offering concept space selling unpredictable products of various shapes and sizes? Be as inventive as they are. JWT Beirut created a “Bag to Size” Station to transform any material into unique bags and packages that fit the product you purchased.

By creating a system to reduce the company’s paper wastage by 50%, the team has enhanced 6:05®’s ecological approach in a trendy, one-of-a-kind way.

Watch “Bag to Size” operate here.


Nike+, “Bid Your Sweat” JWT Mexico

In case a good run isn’t rewarding enough, JWT Mexico has turned kilometers into currency. The more steps you take and kilometers you run in Nike+ sneakers, the more online wealth you have to bid with in the Nike+ online auction platform.

Thanks to JWT Mexico, running more will not only help you break a sweat, but it might also help you break into a new pair of Nike shoes you’ve been eying. Exercise has never been so tempting.

Before your run, check out the campaign here.



In just two days the Lions will be roaring at Cannes. Be sure to check in for daily blog posts from JWTers on the ground, keeping you updated on all things Cannes-related and to see which of our Cannes contenders will take home that coveted Lion.

Please do get involved too! Whether you’re in France or at home, we want to know your thoughts on this year’s festival, and on our own and others’ coverage. You can post a comment below, or tweet us @JWT_Worldwide.

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