JWT Cannes Contenders Roundup: Mazda Italia, Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid and the Singapore Red Cross

It’s about that time of year again… the 59th Cannes Lions Festival will be rolling around before we know it.

In the lead-up to the festival, we will be sharing weekly roundups of JWT’s acclaimed ads from around the network, giving you a chance to see the ads before the official award ceremonies in Cannes during the week of June 17.

We encourage you to join in the celebration of JWT’s work by sharing and commenting on your favorite potential JWT Cannes Lions winners.

Without further ado, here is the first bunch:

Mazda Italia, “Purple Card” – JWT Rome
There is no better way to get to an Italian man’s heart than through Italy’s national sport—soccer. This innovative campaign slyly uses Italian men’s passion for soccer by creating a reward system, through the use of a Purple Card, along with a unique jury composed of press.

The impact of this card was magnified from the immense popularity of the sport as the press and fans, through the facilitation of social media and viral videos, went wild with excitement at the idea of a positive change in the sport. The Purple Card is now widely used across Italy and has become synonymous with Mazda Italia.

Watch the “Purple Card” case study here.

Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid, “Magic Vision” – JWT New York
With an explosion of Muppets and the use of augmented reality, JWT New York has created an iPhone app to calm injured children from their pain. The augmented reality app integrates a Muppet into the current atmosphere of the iPhone, leading to unique pictures and individualized entertainment for each child.

The New York Times ran an article just last week on the app.

And here’s the full video on “Magic Vision” .

—You can follow JWT New York on Twitter at @JWTNewYork

Singapore Red Cross, “Rapid Rescue” – JWT Singapore
Chances of survival take a nosedive when the difference between the time it takes the brain to run out of oxygen and an ambulance to arrive is four minutes. The “Rapid Rescue” app created by JWT Singapore uses location-based software and mobile technology in an innovative way—to help save lives. This mobile technology, including GPS maps and a distress button, is irreplaceable and is changing the health care system in Singapore.

Here’s a recent Fast Company piece on the app.

Check out the video on “Rapid Rescue” .

These are just a few of the outstanding pieces from the JWT network contending for a Cannes Lion this year. Until next week’s roundup, enjoy viewing!

3 thoughts on “JWT Cannes Contenders Roundup: Mazda Italia, Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid and the Singapore Red Cross”

  1. The Band-Aid video is awesome! What a great idea to incorporate technology into getting an “owie”. I think this ad should be a tv commercial.

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