ECPAT and “Emma”—Shedding light on child prostitution

There is no topic as difficult or heartbreaking as child prostitution. ECPAT USA, a human rights group, partnered with a dotJWT team from JWT New York and Digitaria to take on this urgent problem in a heartfelt campaign by New York creatives Keshni Sharma, Vahbiz Engineer, Harsh Kapadia, Alexis Reid and Moyeenul Alam.

Led by creative director Giovanni Maletti and executive creative director Andy Clarke, they collaborated with Digitaria to create “Emma”, a Russian nesting doll who represents the exploited children at the heart of this cause.

What began as a simple mailer has grown into a multi-faceted campaign, gaining support from key organizations at home and abroad. “It’s given me an understanding of the things that can be achieved when an amazing group of people commit to a vision,” said Maletti.

You can continue to read about ECPAT’s mission and this powerful campaign in FastCo’s interview with Maletti here.