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Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Guillermina Fernandez

Guillermina Fernandez says that in São Paulo, “There is art everywhere for those that are willing to look for it.” A Systems and Business Analyst at JWT São Paulo, the subject of the latest installment of our Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight series probably doesn’t have to look too far. Guillermina’s an artist herself and captures idyllic settings with the stroke of a brush. ...READ MORE

Best of: Worldmakers

In 2013, JWT Worldwide CEO and Chairman Bob Jeffrey sat down with thought leaders around the world to discuss perspectives on marketing, advertising, and innovation in Worldmakers. In the third installment of the series, which aired exclusively on LinkedIn, Bob and his guests spoke about the importance of cultural understanding and how technology impacts consumers. We’ve rounded up some of the top Worldmakers episodes, featuring President of Unilever Asia, Alan Jope; CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner; fashion designer, Vega Wang; CMO of Starbucks China, Marie Han Silloway; and world-famous Chef, Marcus Samuelsson. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Gary Wang

Some people believe that with the advent of smartphone cameras and photo-editing apps and software, the art of photography is dying. We believe that’s far from true – one look at Gary Wang’s work proves that capturing beautiful moments with a camera remains a highly-skilled art form. In our latest Worldmade Artist Gallery Spotlight, we look at the photographs of Gary Wang, Digital Creative Director at JWT Beijing. ...READ MORE

JWT Beirut leads the world’s first online demonstration for peace

Each year on the International Day of Peace (21 September), the United Nations organizes events and activities around the world. For the 2013 International Day of Peace, JWT Beirut has partnered with the United Nations Information Centre in the Beirut to create a bold, worldwide initiative – “Tolerance Kills,” a campaign aimed at promoting tolerance by killing prejudice, hatred and fear. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Martinez

Producer by day, and singer, songwriter and performer by night, JWT New York's Jennifer Martinez joins us for this week's Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight. Having loved the music scene all her life, Jennifer recently released her first full-length album, "Buscándote," under her stage name Ariadne. She talks to us about her inspiration and how she incorporates a fusion of cultures and genres into her music. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Michael Habib

Some artists like to use one type of canvas, but Michael Habib from JWT Kuwait does not confine himself to such limits. This art director combines his artistic ability with mediums such as gum bottles, t-shirts and outdoor walls, just to name a few. In this week’s Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight, we had the opportunity to speak with this unique artist and learn more about his wide range of creative work and how his approach crosses over into his work at JWT. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Spotlight: Esteban Tijerino

Abstract, out-of-the-box thinking is the basis for innovation and creativity. Esteban Tijerino, senior graphic designer at JWT Costa Rica, creates perplexing art that fuses together shapes, people and an array of other concentrations. From a panda vomiting on a nebulous cloud to murders and flowers, Esteban finds inspiration in subjects that would make others scratch their heads. In our latest Worldmade Gallery Spotlight, we spoke with this master of digital to learn more about his captivating, unusual, and fun work. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Viky Arya

Creativity comes in all shapes, sizes and mediums. Viky Arya, Assistant Vice President and Senior Creative Director at JWT Delhi, has a large portfolio of diverse artwork that spans across several styles. From sculptures to children books, Viky’s work takes on many different forms. We had the opportunity to catch up with this eclectic artist and understand more about her art and the WORLDMADE creativity behind it. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Pol Úbeda

This week, we are excited to showcase another member of the JWT family with an impressive collection of personal artwork. Pol Úbeda, a senior art director at JWT Barcelona, is a photographer with a story worth telling. Pol’s “I’m Not There” series has garnered attention from all over the world and we are proud to have his photographs featured in the Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight Series. ...READ MORE