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Tamara Ingram’s Tips to Getting More Women in Creative Departments

On Wednesday, June 22, in Cannes, the 4A's and IPA will host "World Wise Women," a panel discussion about increasing female leadership in the industry's creative departments.

The panel consists of five hugely successful, creative and talented women, including J. Walter Thompson Company's CEO Tamara Ingram. Tamara will appear on the panel alongside Nancy Hill, President and CEO, 4A’s; Becky McOwen-Banks, Creative Director, FCB Inferno & Co-founder of Creative Equals; Kate Stanners, Global CCO, Saatchi & Saatchi; and Lauren Connolly, EVP, Executive Creative Director, BBDO New York. ...READ MORE

JWT Portugal offers a digital moment of reflection

A moment of silence is an important way to remember and honor individuals who have died. Pausing our busy lives and dedicating a minute of our time allows us to pay tribute to those who are no longer with us. As an extension of this powerful custom, JWT Portugal created an online platform, OneMinuteofSilence.org, to help people engage in these moments of reflection and dedicate them to an event or person of their choice. ...READ MORE

JWT Delhi highlights sharing and love for Nestlé Alpino

Sharing is caring, but what happens when you accidentally share too much? In "To love is to share," a new campaign for Nestlé Alpino, JWT Delhi shows us how to apologize for a verbal slipup by sharing a pair of chocolate, cream-filled bonbons. Humor and romance complement one another to create an enjoyable narrative around sharing for Nestlé. ...READ MORE

The power of taking a KIT KAT break

Around the world Nestlé’s KIT KAT has become synonymous with ‘taking a break.’ Everyone knows that a little relaxation makes you feel good, but KIT KAT and JWT Singapore have set out to prove it. The first campaign of its kind in the confectionery product category, “Break Art by KIT KAT” combines science with design to transform brain waves into unique pieces of art. ...READ MORE

The world’s first human hair quartet

Human hair has incredible strength and this new quartet is out to prove just how durable and strong our locks can be. Bows used for string instruments like violins and violas are traditionally made up of horsehair, but JWT Singapore and JWT Manila teamed up with Unilver’s Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense conditioner to use human hair for these loved musical instruments. ...READ MORE

Cannes Lions 2013 Recap

Each year at Cannes, agencies have the opportunity to showcase their best creative ideas. Talent from across our network spanning Dubai, San Juan, Shanghai, London, Brazil, Copenhagen, New York, Mexico City, Beijing and India brought home a total of 28 coveted Lions at Cannes 2013. A special congratulations goes out to two pioneering offices: JWT Cairo for their first Gold Lion and JWT Manila for bringing home the country's second Gold Lion. ...READ MORE

JWT Amsterdam reinvents the banner ad for Dutch Customs

The banner ad is usually an underrated, passive piece of advertising. However, in a new campaign for Dutch Customs, JWT Amsterdam took the traditional banner ad a step above the rest by using re-targeting technology. They added a humorous take on the message of informing Dutch travelers that it's illegal to bring certain items into the country, to create an interactive ad that's equal parts entertaining and effective. ...READ MORE

XM Asia Pacific rebrands Singapore’s Prestigious Saint Pierre restaurant

The renowned Saint Pierre restaurant has reopened and is ready to serve food connoisseurs once again, but this time, the prestigious eatery offers a completely reinvented experience, fully designed by XM Asia Paific. Complete with a new logo, menu design and collateral, the rebranding blends Saint Pierre's storied history with a modern edge. XM Asia Pacific's work for the award-winning eatery compliments the Saint Pierre's new Quayside Isle location at Sentosa Cove in Singapore. ...READ MORE

JWT Mexico places “Water in the Desert” with help of Ciel and the Mexican Red Cross

Setting out on a mission to save hundreds of lives each year, the Mexican Red Cross and Ciel, a division of Coca-Cola, have partnered up for the “Water in the Desert” campaign, with the help of JWT Mexico. Through the strategic placement of self-powered refrigerators in the Sonoran desert, the campaign utilized an older technology to solve a present day issue: more than a thousand immigrants each year die from dehydration while crossing the Mexican border into the United States. ...READ MORE

A walk in the allergy-free park: JWT New York and ZYRTEC create virtual FURTEC game

Sometimes people with allergies do silly things. They don't go outside on beautiful, sunny days, and they don’t walk their dogs when the pollen count is high. To show them how unnecessary this is, ZYRTEC teamed up with JWT New York to create FURTEC: the first-ever virtual pet walking experience for the game-playing, pet-loving allergy sufferer. ...READ MORE