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J. Walter Thompson @ SXSWi: Neuroplasticity and tech – attention divided

Friday morning, HeyHuman Innovation Director and Innovator, Dan Machen and Felix Morgan, had SXSW buzzing with their session, "Neuroplasticity and Tech: Why Brands Have to Change."

As the title implies, the presenters discussed neuroplasticity, a term that describes how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain and centered the discussion around one key question. "What is looking at our inbox and phone 100s of times a day doing to our heads and, most importantly, what does this 'hyperstimulation' mean for attention spans, cognition and brand recall?" ...READ MORE

X Marks the Spot: Rediscovering SXSW’s Purpose

Sitting in the airport bar, I wonder what the cost benefit analysis shows for events with an “X” in them.

X-Factor, X-mas and SXSW are three that spring to mind, and it¹s probably not a coincidence that these X-events have sent their participants on a treasure hunt to rediscover their meaning. So the big question is: As we fly out to SXSW, has it lost its meaning in the amorphous singularity it’s become or will the “X” still mark a meaningful spot? ...READ MORE

Serendipity, Snacks and SXSW

In a time when it has become de rigueur to bash the over-the-top conference extravaganza that is South by Southwest Interactive, I am a defender. My first SXSW was in 2005, and in nine years it has changed considerably. But to me, the best parts are still there, just buried a little bit under the gloss and shine of big ad dollars and startup funds. ...READ MORE

Vote for JWT’s SXSWi 2014 Panels!

It feels as though we just finished unpacking our suitcases from Austin, but it's already time to start getting ready for SXSW Interactive 2014. We are putting together some exciting, must-see sessions to share next year, and we need to make sure we have a chance to present! Read on to explore our full list of panels, and cast your votes to help get us to SXSW! ...READ MORE

Big Data Prompts Big Debates at SXSWi

Jessica Vaughn, Senior Trend Strategist at JWT Intelligence, talks about one of the driving themes during SXSW Interactive 2013: Big Data. 

Big Data was one of the driving themes last week in Austin, during the interactive portion of the annual SXSW festival, as marketers, analysts and academics tried to make sense of the sheer amount of data generated each day. And as new data streams join the fray—like Google’s prototype talking shoe, intended to keep the wearer moving—expect things to get weird before we manage to fully make sense of the data revolution. ...READ MORE

An Inside Look at WALTER with Gail Brooks of JWT Atlanta

The end of SXSWi marked the end of WALTER, JWT’s five-day pop-up agency, but also marked the beginning of a whole new strategy for one carefully chosen start-up. After an intense five-day run, the WALTER team emerged with piles of scribbled notes, heads flurried with ideas, the basis for a brilliant marketing plan, and, most importantly, a new outlook on advertising and marketing that can only be gained after working with entrepreneurs. Gail Brooks, planning director at JWT Atlanta, sat down with us to share what it was like to be a part of WALTER, why they picked the winning start-up, and what big agencies can learn from the experience.  ...READ MORE

‘Embracing Analog’: JWT’s Ann Mack presents at SXSW

As part of the SXSWi festival in Austin, our own Ann Mack, director of trendspotting, spoke today on the panel “Embracing Analog: Why Physical Is Hot,” which examined the increasing embrace of analog, what’s driving it, the ways in which it’s manifesting in culture and what it means for marketers. She was joined by Frank Rose, author of The Art of Immersion and correspondent for Wired, and marketing authority Paul Woolmington, co-founder of Naked Communications Americas. ...READ MORE