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USO Names J. Walter Thompson Lead Creative Agency

This week it was announced that J. Walter Thompson would be adding to its portfolio of military-affiliated clients: effective immediately, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta will be leading the creative strategy and execution of the United Service Organization's (USO) national brand advertising campaign. ...READ MORE

New Kleenex Cottonelle campaign by J. Walter Thompson Sydney confronts the devastating effects of deforestation

Borneo, located southeast of the Malay Peninsula and southwest of the Philippines, is known as the third-largest island in the world.

But a new campaign by J. Walter Thompson Sydney for Kimberly Clark's Kleenex Cottonelle brand,  showcases another side of the one of the world's great islands.The two TVCs that lead the campaign are designed to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable forest management showcases the devastating effects unsustainable deforestation has on Borneo's endanger Orangutans. ...READ MORE

JWT Beirut leads the world’s first online demonstration for peace

Each year on the International Day of Peace (21 September), the United Nations organizes events and activities around the world. For the 2013 International Day of Peace, JWT Beirut has partnered with the United Nations Information Centre in the Beirut to create a bold, worldwide initiative – “Tolerance Kills,” a campaign aimed at promoting tolerance by killing prejudice, hatred and fear. ...READ MORE

XM Asia serves happiness in Singapore

Everything is better with a smile, and XM Asia is bringing plenty of smiles to Singapore with "Happiness Served." In this new campaign, the agency uses Instagram and the hashtag #HappinessServed to celebrate and encourage friendly service throughout the city-state. While customers enjoy friendly service, local businesses have the opportunity to tap into a nationally integrated campaign and boost their customer care. It’s a win-win. ...READ MORE

Meet the People: Renzo Celis, Digital Director at JWT Lima

When it comes to digital strategy, Renzo Celis, Digital Director at JWT Lima, finds that those oriented to qualitative and quantitative results are the most effective. Renzo's experience as both a techie and an account person has led him to see the digital world as a meeting point, a place for brands and people to generate relationships and differentiate themselves. Renzo shares what he is working on now, how brands in Peru are using online platforms, and new opportunities for digital in humanitarian campaigns. ...READ MORE

GIF Crazy: The peculiar resurrection of an Internet relic

The word ‘GIF’ conjures up memories of distracting, seizure-inducing, blinged out MySpace templates and flashbacks to Web 1.0. Historically, the use of looping low-res GIF art on the web was an eyesore at best, and the clearest mark of poor website design. But over the last few years, these graphic vermin have found new footing, and have been embraced by artists, bloggers and brands alike for their compatibility, simplicity and ability to relay a clear and concise message. ...READ MORE

Marketing to Social-savvy Seniors

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how my grandpa and I became Facebook friends, and what it meant for our family and his social and personal life. Springboarding off of that, today we’ll address how, as seniors continue to adopt social media, there’s a growing opportunity to market to them via social platforms. The challenge for marketers is knowing which seniors you’re targeting, and what action you want them to take. That intersection is critical; a misstep could destroy trust and quickly create negative word of mouth. ...READ MORE

Facebook Stops Sponsored Stories—So Good Ads Can Be Liked As Good Ads After All?

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was simplifying its ad units choices and dropping Sponsored Stories. Simplifying ad choices makes great sense. We've all been spending the last few years educating our clients on the importance of Facebook and the subtleties of social marketing, and having 27 ad formats hasn't helped. Focusing on lightweight publishing and broadening the use of the page post to handle offers and questions works. ...READ MORE

JWT Toronto’s Insights Team foresees a future of content, bold moves, and multiple screens

Good things move fast, especially Advertising Week 2013, which just wrapped up its events in Canada. JWT Toronto’s Insights Team examined over twenty event sessions and has shared the newest trends in digital as both online and offline consumer behaviors continue to shift at an increasing pace. ...READ MORE

Keep your eye on the top digital advertising trends for 2013

Each month executive digital director of JWT South AfricaYoav Tchelet, discusses critical digital issues, branding and social media strategies, and more on his site. His latest post looks at three main trends likely to shape digital advertising over the next year. Speculation is rife on what the top 10 digital advertising trends will be for 2013. Different websites have different opinions, but it seems there are three main trends that come back again and again in every top 10 list. Hence, it is safe to say that these truly will be the trends to watch in this coming year. ...READ MORE