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Digital is a Dish Best Served Hot

In our continued coverage of NY Social Media Week 2013, MAS Intern Eric Gorodetsky recaps "What's On Your Plate? How Digital Has Evolved Our Palates."

Like many adults, I encounter the inconvenient culinary roadblocks that prevent me from cooking. All the knowledge and supplies in the world can’t inspire me to broil some chicken when I come home late at night. I did make a kitchen cameo Saturday morning--I tried googling how to make pancakes. The recipe results were overwhelming.

“Recipes in the media are a total waste,” says Mike Lee, founder of Studiofeast. “There’s no reason why you need 400 recipes for one pasta dish when, in someone’s grandmother’s head, there’s three steps to making pasta.”

Life of the Party: Lessons from Buzzfeed on Authenticity in Social

In our continued coverage of NY Social Media Week 2013, we recap Buzzfeed’s presentation, "Genuine Appeal – Creativity and Authenticity in the Social Age” delivered by Jeff Greenspan and Mike Lacher. 

Social media, as the name might suggest, is all about being social with others—and what’s more social than a party? “The social space is one huge party where everyone in the world shows up everyday,” explained Jeff Greenspan, chief creative officer at Buzzfeed. During a Social Media Week presentation with Mike Lacher, Buzzfeed creative director, they explained why tapping into the “LOL” and “OMG” lingo of Internet culture were among the things that make Buzzfeed’s content inherently relatable and shareable. ...READ MORE

Going Private in Public: Reclaiming Our Privacy and Why Brands Should Care

In our continued coverage of NY Social Media Week 2013, Eric Gorodetsky discusses social media privacy and its implications for users and brands. The original SMW presentation, "Going Private in Public: How People Are Reclaiming Privacy in the Age of Openness" was delivered by Ann Mack, JWT Intelligence Director of Trendspotting. 

It's easy to jump on the latest social media trend. We succumb to our online presence. We tweet, post, tag and follow socially, but also professionally–even during Ann Mack's presentation on Going Private in Public. ...READ MORE

Social Media is Eating the Web: Social Media Week Keynote with David Eastman

From the margins to the mainstream, social media is becoming so deeply embedded in our lives that it’s the new normal. What once used to be a destination is now a layer that runs through the web. This morning, JWT New York kicked off Social Media Week with a keynote from David Eastman, JWT North America CEO. In his address, “Social is Eating the Web,” he looked at the ways social has evolved and its effects on both brands and consumers. ...READ MORE

Social Media Week is Back at JWT NY

According to Nielsen's 2012 Social Media Report, people continue to spend more time on social networks than any other category of sites. Few would understate the importance of social, and to spark a week of discourse and exploration on the topic, New York's annual Social Media Week kicks off on Feb 19-22nd. We're excited to announce that once again, JWT New York office will host a dynamic series of events as the SMW advertising and marketing hub. ...READ MORE

White Paper: Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media

A brand, wrote Stephen King in 1971, “has to be a coherent totality, not a lot of bits.” The founder of JWT’s planning department knew that brands are most effective when all their elements come together as a single unique personality. What would King make of today’s fragmented world of marketing where communication is delivered quite literally in bits: a Facebook comment, a 140-character Tweet, a Pinterest image. ...READ MORE

Trends shaping social media in 2012

To kick off Social Media Week here at JWT New York, Ann Mack, JWT Intelligence Director of Trendspotting, outlined the trends shaping social media in 2012. The big topics of discussion included Generation Go—youth with a new entrepreneurial attitude, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), hyper-personalization, and the Web as an increasingly real-time information stream. ...READ MORE