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The weight of expectation – SXSW in its 30th year

Sonali Fenner, Global Business Director at J. Walter Thompson London, on what she expects at for this year's SXSW, the festival's 30th year. ...READ MORE

Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 8

In the past eight weeks we've shared with you J. Walter THompson Company's 2015 Cannes Contenders.

In today's showcase, the final one for the 2015 season, you'll find work from our offices in Singapore, Mumbai, Colombia, London, Sydney, New York and Brazil. ...READ MORE

Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 4

We are already halfway through our 2015 Cannes Contenders Showcase. And in Week 4, we have more inspired and inspiring work from our offices in Hong Kong, New Delhi, London, San Juan, São Paulo, Toronto and Dubai. ...READ MORE

Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 2

Week 2 of our Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015 features another batch of outstanding work from J. Walter Thompson teams in Beirut, New York, Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Shanghai.

Remember to share your favorite pieces of work for J. Walter Thompson's Cannes contenders on social media with the hashtag #JWTCannes. ...READ MORE

HSBC and J. Walter Thompson celebrate the bank’s 150th anniversary

While J. Walter Thompson celebrated our milestone anniversary last year, one of our long-standing client partners, HSBC, was also gearing up to mark its 150th Anniversary.

Last month, HSBC, with strategic and creative support from J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong, kicked off an anniversary program that included an official commemorative banknote. ...READ MORE

Touch Lebanon, FOO and J. Walter Thompson Beirut create unique Latin Arabic keyboard

When keyboards were first designed, they were created with English speakers in mind, forcing speakers of other languages, like Arabic, to adopt the standard Latin keyboard, or “qwerty” keyboard, and use numbers to recreate the letters in their language that don’t exist in the standard Latin keyboard.

The Lebanese call this hybrid between the standard Latin letters and the numbers they use to represent Arabic sounds and letters “Latin Arabic.” Today, it is the most used chat language in Lebanon. ...READ MORE

Nestlé, Garoto and J. Walter Thompson Brazil reimagine the Easter egg hunt for mobile

In a move to appeal to a generation of digital native children, Nestlé and Garoto, its Brazilian chocolate brand, set out to rethink one of the most traditional children’s games in Easter season: the egg hunt.
With the Easter Egg Radar, an app created by J. Walter Thompson Brazil in partnership with IUQO, kids can be directed to a chocolate egg by the Easter bunny itself. It appears on the smartphone screen and gives “hot” and “cold” leads as the children move close to or further away from the chocolate egg. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Company introduces Mirum, a modern global company

Exciting news out of J. Walter Thompson Company today as it announced today the launch of Mirum, a new global company. With a name inspired by the Latin word for "amazing," the new company unites 11 digital agencies spanning 17 countries and 40 offices. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Malaysia named AOR for FindIt Malaysia

J. Walter Thompson Malaysia has been named agency of record for FindIt Malaysia, which has launched a mobile platform that helps consumers find business and services nearest to them. The appointment underscores the office's fast-growing digital and social media marketing capabilities. ...READ MORE