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JWT Appointed Creative Agency for Tata’s Global Campaign

Tata Sons Limited, the principal investment holding company of the Tata Group, has appointed JWT as the creative agency for its global brand campaign. The campaign will seek to present three core messaging corridors about the Tata brand – Tata is global, Tata is trustworthy and Tata is a good corporate citizen. ...READ MORE

Summer Intern From Sao Paulo Reflects On Her Valuable Education Outside The Classroom

A couple of weeks ago, I took a subway ride I will never forget. As I stepped out of the unpleasantly sweaty L train and onto the overly crowded Union Square station platform, I found myself surrounded by large green ‘Outshine’ displays. These were the same displays that I have seen for the past couple of weeks projected in our office meeting rooms. I felt immediately overwhelmed, but in a good way.  It was more than feeling proud knowing the exact briefs responsible for creating those ads and that I had sat in those Nestlé meetings. It was even more than the excitement of how close I had been to the campaign. It was the confirmation of my love for the world of advertising. ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson’s Latest Initiative Inspires Children to Care

Studies show that Americans overwhelmingly believe that the world has become a less caring place than it used to be. Johnson & Johnson wondered what effect that was having on our children. Were children, like the rest of the world, succumbing to a general apathy, a lack of caring? To find out, Johnson & Johnson, with the help of JWT New York, went to a school and asked first and second graders what caring meant to them. Their responses were so beautiful and inspiring, J&J did something completely unexpected with them: they turned the children’s stories into children’s books. ...READ MORE

Banana Boat Launches Manly New Line of Men’s Sunscreen

JWT New York launched a campaign last week for Banana Boat's new line of men's sunscreen, Banana Boat Triple Defense for Men. A series of four videos encourages men to get out there and defy the hot summer sun, knowing their soft, pale underbellies, bald spots and hairy elbows will be protected from sunburn, odor and dryness. The campaign runs from May 22 to July 4 on a variety of sites, including NBC News, Hulu, WeatherFX, and Gawker. ...READ MORE

Monsters meet their match

Who said monsters were scary? Maybe they are just as fun, lovable and human-like as we are… That's what Jordan Young, Art Director at JWT New York, thought when he started his personal tumblr project Matching Monsters—an illustrative blog that captures the monsters counterparts in all of us. With the claim "there's a monster out there for everyone, sometimes you just need help seeing it," Jordan brings to life the monster twins in submitted photos, and the results are great (check out the sleepy line chef, our personal favorite, for starters). Even Laughing Squid and Mashable are fans of the site, and now hundreds of people around the world are too, spawning a spike in traffic since the project's launch on January 1st. We sat down with Jordan to get the scoop on Matching Monsters, the story behind it, and how it's taken off: ...READ MORE

The Business of Fashion: Shereen Daver’s WALK BY DAVER

Global Business Director by day, fashion designer at night, Shereen Daver has made a successful career for herself in the advertising industry and now is taking on the fashion world. Her line DAVER, which was launched in 2013, integrates her passion for European luxury shoes with her love for style, British flair, and her Persian roots. With Fashion Week just days away, Shereen is unveiling her latest Spring collection to the world from Feb. 4-9 at WALK BY DAVER, her first pop up store in Manhattan. We sat down with Shereen to hear the latest scoop on her fashion line, her inspiration and what's in store next for DAVER: ...READ MORE

Get a Diet Reality Check from Lean Cuisine

When it comes to food we grown-ups have plenty of hang-ups, baggage and issues. But you know who doesn’t? Children. So who better to hold up a mirror to our ridiculousness than our kids? They speak candidly and their insights are genuine, insightful and often humorous. Which makes them the perfect people to remind us that it might be time to re-evaluate our thoughts on diets. ...READ MORE

Talking glasses with Woody Batts

Glasses may primarily exist to correct vision or shield you from the sun, but it’s no secret that they can serve as a bold accessory. Woody Batts, an Associate Creative Director at JWT New York, is well-versed in the power of frames - when you meet him, your eyes are drawn straight to the ones he has on. Bold, sharp and utterly one-of-a-kind, Woody’s self-designed glasses make quite the statement. ...READ MORE