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#IWILLLISTEN Aims to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness with Music

Mental illness is the most stigmatized condition in our country, and 1 in 4 Americans will experience a mental health disorder in any given year. In order to enact real social change and break down the stigma associated with mental illness, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City (NAMI-NYC Metro) has empowered people through a campaign with three simple words – I WILL LISTEN. ...READ MORE

Adam Kerj Appointed Chief Creative Officer at JWT New York

JWT New York announced today the appointment of Adam Kerj as its Chief Creative Officer. In his new role, Kerj will be tasked with driving industry-leading creative ideas for the New York office and its accounts, including Macy’s, Johnson & Johnson, Puma, Vonage and Royal Caribbean, among others. He will join the agency in early 2015. ...READ MORE

JWT Appointed Creative Agency for Tata’s Global Campaign

Tata Sons Limited, the principal investment holding company of the Tata Group, has appointed JWT as the creative agency for its global brand campaign. The campaign will seek to present three core messaging corridors about the Tata brand – Tata is global, Tata is trustworthy and Tata is a good corporate citizen. ...READ MORE

Summer Intern From Sao Paulo Reflects On Her Valuable Education Outside The Classroom

A couple of weeks ago, I took a subway ride I will never forget. As I stepped out of the unpleasantly sweaty L train and onto the overly crowded Union Square station platform, I found myself surrounded by large green ‘Outshine’ displays. These were the same displays that I have seen for the past couple of weeks projected in our office meeting rooms. I felt immediately overwhelmed, but in a good way.  It was more than feeling proud knowing the exact briefs responsible for creating those ads and that I had sat in those Nestlé meetings. It was even more than the excitement of how close I had been to the campaign. It was the confirmation of my love for the world of advertising. ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson’s Latest Initiative Inspires Children to Care

Studies show that Americans overwhelmingly believe that the world has become a less caring place than it used to be. Johnson & Johnson wondered what effect that was having on our children. Were children, like the rest of the world, succumbing to a general apathy, a lack of caring? To find out, Johnson & Johnson, with the help of JWT New York, went to a school and asked first and second graders what caring meant to them. Their responses were so beautiful and inspiring, J&J did something completely unexpected with them: they turned the children’s stories into children’s books. ...READ MORE

Banana Boat Launches Manly New Line of Men’s Sunscreen

JWT New York launched a campaign last week for Banana Boat's new line of men's sunscreen, Banana Boat Triple Defense for Men. A series of four videos encourages men to get out there and defy the hot summer sun, knowing their soft, pale underbellies, bald spots and hairy elbows will be protected from sunburn, odor and dryness. The campaign runs from May 22 to July 4 on a variety of sites, including NBC News, Hulu, WeatherFX, and Gawker. ...READ MORE