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Time to Retire the Busy Working Mum

If I could nail down the stimulus that prompted me to research and write the Female Tribes, then it would be simply this: why as a society when we talk about women do we always define her in terms of her responsibilities instead of her achievements?

The totem for this behaviour in the communications landscape must certainly be ‘The busy working Mum.’ How often do we hear the term ‘Busy working Dad’?

The answer is: not often enough. ...READ MORE

We’re Not Giving in to Austerity: Meet the Resilients

As the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (pictured) dusts off the red box in preparation for this week’s Budget announcement, there are already calls for more help for young people trying to get a start in life.

But the latest research from JWT’s Austerity Index reveals that the younger generation are taking matters into their own hands. ...READ MORE

JWT @ SXSWi: All about privacy…

You couldn’t walk three feet without hearing this buzzword at SXSW: Privacy. Its tentacles were far-reaching and a main stream of core conversations in Austin.

Discussions ranged from Internet data, hacking, NSA data leaks via Snowden and services such as Wikileaks to new healthcare devices and how privacy can impact targeted marketing services. ...READ MORE

Success at the 2013-2014 Big Fat Yes Awards

Thanks to all that came to this month’s YES awards, it was a great night. JWT YES Awards is a monthly event that celebrates exceptional post and pre-graduate creative talent in the UK, offering the cream of the crop a stamp of approval and a foot in the door of the ad industry. ...READ MORE

JWT @ SXSWi: Lena Dunham, Mark Webb, and Sharon Weinberger

SXSW has provided a valuable insight into a world of others thoughts, processes, opinions and predictions.

In his fascinating Keynote, The Amazing Spider-Man Director Mark Webb gave the audience a detailed insight in to the depth of thought put in to just one element of the film, eloquently describing how his music team, which included big names like Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger and Junkie XL, crafted the soundtrack for Electro (Jamie Foxx). ...READ MORE

JWT @ SXSWi: Creating Wonder and Growing Ideas

Listening to Tyson, Kamen and a few of the other inspirational scientists at SXSWi makes me wonder. It is clear to me now what my responsibility is in ensuring we keep our kids’ wonder alive so they can become the next generation of scientists and engineers who help solve some of the big—and growing—world problems. But for brands within the commercial advertising environment we operate in what could this mean? ...READ MORE

Finding Love at SXSWi

I went to SXSW looking for love.

I knew I'd find passion, invention, excitement and, shall I say, distraction, but love is different. It's the perfect combination of hope, joy and belonging, the point where everything becomes clear and you finally understand what is worth more than your own self-interest.

So with this quest in mind, I sought out the best minds, meetings and inventions in hopes of inspiring this sense of love and getting a glimpse of what the future could hold for us. ...READ MORE

Big Data Inverted: The Best Candy From Strangers? JWT @ SXSWi

On a panel discussion called “Big Data Inverted: The Best Candy From Strangers?' the warm up was slow with questions like “Should we use big data to be forward or backward looking” and talk about the role of big data in personalization and utility.

But then something interesting happened: Intel's humanities expert and principle engineer Maria Bezaitas went from bored to frustrated. ...READ MORE

X Marks the Spot: Rediscovering SXSW’s Purpose

Sitting in the airport bar, I wonder what the cost benefit analysis shows for events with an “X” in them. X-Factor, X-mas and SXSW are three that spring to mind, and it¹s probably not a coincidence that these X-events have sent their participants on a treasure hunt to rediscover their meaning. So the big question is: As we fly out to SXSW, has it lost its meaning in the amorphous singularity it’s become or will the “X” still mark a meaningful spot? ...READ MORE