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Murky World of Advertising? Summer Intern from J. Walter Thompson New York Recounts Her First Experience with the Industry

Behind every agency there is a team of minions, formally known as interns. After reading this Buzzfeed article, I feel like minions are our true spirit creatures. Don’t let the term fool you. ...READ MORE
salma cairo

Creative Summer Intern at J. Walter Thompson Cairo Shares Her Experience

Salma Selim has been interning in Creative department at J. Walter Thompson Cairo this summer. When she returns to school, Salma will continue pursuing a Bachelor in Graphic Design at École de Communication Visuelle in Paris.

Summer Intern Series: End of the Road

As the days get shorter in New York and the weather gets colder, it's evident that summer is transitioning into fall. Sadly, the end of the season also means the end of the road for our impressive intern group at JWT New York. Over the past 10 weeks, the class of over 30 interns were able to make major contributions to future campaigns, learn from some of the industry’s best and even give back to the New York community by volunteering at City Harvest. We caught up with Carl, Jason and Lucie during their busy final week to hear about their overall experience at JWT. ...READ MORE

Summer Intern Spotlight: Jesse Girard

It’s been nine short weeks, and it hasn’t taken long for me to fall in love with JWT. The chance to intern at one of the world’s most recognized ad agencies has been invaluable to my aspiring advertising career. JWT and The University of Rhode Island, which is the university that I attend, are developing a program in which one student will be selected each year to intern at the company’s New York headquarters. I’m so happy for this opportunity, and I’m glad I can be a part of the JWT family – even if it is only for a few months. ...READ MORE

JWT New York’s Differenter Hispanic Heritage Month Event

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. To observe and celebrate, JWT New York’s Differenter committee threw its second annual Hispanic Heritage Event this Thursday where attendees had the opportunity to sample a variety of activities that embody the very best of Hispanic culture. Keni Thacker, the Executive Producer for Differenter, aimed to up the ante this year—the event featured a short documentary, Perfiles, delicious Hispanic cuisine and a live Flamenco dance class! ...READ MORE

Intern Insights From Advertising Week

As a Marketing student at Rutgers University-Newark, New Jersey there's one word that resonates in every single one of my classes…’consumer.’ After attending Advertising Week New York as a JWT Corporate Communications Intern, I learned just how important this eight-letter word actually is to the industry.